Key Steps to Finding the Best E-Cig Liquid for You

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Shopping for e-cigarette liquids requires several considerations, especially if you are looking for a worthwhile experience. It is advisable to observe the VG/PG ratio and nicotine levels. After you grasp the necessary knowledge for purchasing an e-cig liquid, it’s easy to make a well-thought-out decision. Finding the best and effective electronic cigarette juice becomes faster and more natural once you get some experience. To help with your shopping venture, below are some tips worth considering.

E-Liquid Flavor

Let’s face it, finding the right flavor can be a challenge, especially since there are numerous options. For any first-time buyer, it’s forgivable to assume that this is an easy step. It takes a while before you can settle on a particular e-liquid taste as your favorite. Different brands and manufacturers provide varying flavors. They use diverse production methods and materials, so the quality of their products will differ.

The most popular flavors include tobacco, mint, and menthol e-liquids. Users can create their own flavors by mixing various e-cig liquids. It’s worth trying out different flavors if you are a beginner to ensure that you do not miss out on the wide range of options.

Shopping Outlet

Shopping from reputable and reliable outlets is the only way to ensure you get legit products. The e-liquid market is filling up with counterfeits due to the high demand. Using these cheap alternatives is risky since the user is endangering their respiratory system and life. It is the reason you should consider shopping from authorized stores like ePuffer if you are an online shopper. To get more out of your shopping experience, you should consider visiting stores in person. 

Various stores offer samples to new clients. It is an excellent way for consumers to sampling different products without spending a lot of money. If you are shopping online, consider the appearance of the site and whether they comply with the e-commerce policies in your region.

Nicotine Strength and VG/PG Ratio

A significant benefit of using electronic cigarettes is that you get to control your nicotine intake, among other components. If you are new to e-liquids, it’s advisable to use products with low nicotine strengths. However, if you used to be a regular tobacco smoker, feel free to try out those with higher concentrations. To avoid confusion, always go for e-liquids with 50/50 VG/PG ratio for a smooth vaping experience. You have the luxury to sample different ratio blends for different outcomes.


As mentioned, the industry is filling up with counterfeits and fakes. So, how does one bypass this issue? The best way is by having the right finances for your e-liquids. Researching the products you want helps you have a rough estimate of the market price. It makes it easy to save up and avoid going for cheaper alternatives that are usually counterfeits.


When buying vaping products, the aim is getting value for your money. As long as you keep the information above in mind, finding the best e-cig liquid should be fast and exciting. I hope you find these tips are useful in your venture.