Lining up some good-old household tips!

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Although we can be quite busy with our daily lives in the digital world, we do have a household to run as well. Sometimes we forget this and the confrontation comes to get us. For example, when having nosebleeds. Sometimes this is inevitable, but it can completely ruin your mood… and your clothes. This led to the quest: how to get blood out of clothes? This might seem an easy tasks, but depending on the material type, it can be quite cumbersome. So let’s dive in to learn some good-old household tricks.

How to get blood out of clothes

To start with, it is very important to act immediately upon a blood stain. If you wait, it is already penetrated deep into the fabric and very hard to get rid of. Rinsing with cold water can already help a bunch. Do not use hot water, as this has an effect on the blood structure. Furthermore, it is very important not to rub, as this will also help the blood penetrate the structure of the fabric.

Three options to get you going

Once you rinsed the fabric with water, it is time to learn how to get blood out of clothes. There are three ways to do this, depending on the materials you have available. Milk is one of the favorite contestants when it comes to blood stains. Simply pour some milk on the fabric and wait until it is deep into the fabric and then use a dry cloth to clean it.

Shampoo to the rescue?

Thought milk was a random choice? Consider using shampoo as well! You can add the shampoo and let it do its magic before pushing it in the washing machine. The good old fashioned way that your grandmother would recommend? Use some table salt and pepper and pour it onto the fabric. Afterwards you can scrub it with a medium hot cloth.

Re-doing the bathroom

When you want to re-do the bathroom or simply change the tub, you will need to get rid of the silicon seal. Ever tried it? I bet that when you did, you know that it is a very difficult and hard process to conduct. Therefore, there are now specialized silicone sealant remover products on the market. These products even work with the most stubborn sealant present.

How does it work?

You first remove the majority of the sealant and then pour the product over it to remove the remaining parts. This simple process allows you to remove the sealant without affecting plastic, tiles and other materials that the sealant is adhered to. Thereby it is also an effect product to be used when you simply want to change an item in your bathroom.