Making the best of your family photos

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Whether it’s your personal snapshots or professionally taken photographs; Your family photos are something extremely valuable and important. They remind you of what’s really important in life. They give you a chance to reflect and reminisce. And they can help you visualise where you’ve been and how far you’ve come. Family photographs have become a rite of passage and – especially with technology making it so much more accessible to each and every one of us – they have exploded in their numbers. The thing we shouldn’t forget, though, is that we don’t take those photos just for safe-keeping or to share them on social media. Let’s have a look at making the best of your family photos so you can really enjoy them on a daily basis.

  • Prints

Of course, prints are one of the most popular ways to showcase your family photos. The great thing about prints is that there is so much you can do with them. It’s like having an empty canvas and a full palette of colours. Most common for prints are, of course, traditional picture frames. They are a great way to put individual photos into the spotlight at home. Family portraits and individual profile shots are ideal for this kind of presentation. But apart from picture frames, there are lots of other ideas for prints: You can create unique decorations such as garlands, collages, or table decorations – the sky is the limit. But while there are lots of ways to create great items with your photos manually, there are also all those other ways of making the best of your family photos:

  • Family photo book

Individual prints are nice, but they can’t keep up with the in-depth look a photo book has to offer. Creating a photo book gives you the chance to tell a story. The effect is particularly powerful when it comes to baby photos. The changes a baby goes through over the first year of their life are incredible and it’s an amazing experience looking at a photo book portraying this change. There are also the kinds of family photo books that show a bigger picture such as a look at the past 10 years with highlights. A family portrait for each year can really have quite an effect and gives you a chance to see the changes that take place without you noticing on a day-to-day basis.

Things have become quite easy in terms of designing photo books in the last few years. Almost all photo book companies offer really beautiful templates and creative designs perfectly suited for family photo books. If you don’t know where to start, discover new photo book brands on that offer an overview of the popular photo book brands and their products in the UK. That way, you can choose a product first and the brand later.

  • Decorations and accessories

Apart from prints and photo books, there are a lot of other creative and unique ways to showcase your family photographs. For example, you can have your family portrait printed on a photo canvas to decorate your living room. Or you can use your photos for your day-to-day accessories such as smartphone cases or keyrings. That way, you have the most important people with you at all times while gaining a useful accessory. Some brands even offer fun ideas such as puzzles made from your photos. That turns your photos into nice gifts for special occasions. Let’s not forget useful items like calendars for your home of office. It’s these kinds of everyday items that are made so much more beautiful and valuable with your family photos.


Making the most of your family photos means taking them out of your phono and computer and giving them a real chance to shine. We don’t take pictures just for safe-keeping but to enjoy them. We want to be able to see the changes, the little details that everyday life makes so difficult for us. Families evolve and change over time but photographs give us a chance to make time stand still and reminisce. For tips on how to take great family photos, have a look at this article.