Modern Sleep Tech and Techniques: Getting a Full Night’s Rest on a Strange Bed

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Like Goldilocks, we may find some beds unsuitable. Getting a full night’s rest is necessary for all, and it’s especially important if you’re traveling due to business. Similarly, if you’re on vacation and spending a lot of money, you’ll want to make the most of it. You can’t feel your best and perform to your potential when tired. Here’s how to get a full night’s rest despite sleeping in a strange bed.

Familiar Sounds

Some use sounds to get to sleep, whether it’s a humidifier machine or restful selections coming out of an iPod. People get more peaceful in familiar surroundings. Think of some of the features of top mattresses; they fit to one’s body. Establishing familiarity helps a person get to sleep in a strange place. Try making a music list of soothing sounds and listen before you leave. By the time you’re in a strange place, the sounds will provide a sense of familiarity.

Moderate Exercise

If you’re not accustomed to sleeping elsewhere aside from your home bed, then try and tire yourself out when away. For example, seek a hotel or inn that offers guests an exercise room. That way, you can ride an exercise bike, run on the treadmill, lift weights, and stretch your way to exhaustion. It’s a healthy way to spend an hour or so and it will help make you tired. However, don’t workout immediately before bed since you will likely feel a bit energized.

Limit Tech

A number of people have a tech addiction as is, but when you’re away from home and things that normally keep you occupied, it’s easy to rely on one’s smartphone. Think about a time a person has minutes of downtime waiting for a train, standing in line, etc. They usually go straight to checking the phone. However, make it a point to unplug before bed, limiting smartphone, computer, and television use. Try reading or listening to the radio with the lights off.

Similar Layout

It may be difficult to find a hotel room that looks similar to your home or apartment, yet for those who frequently travel, staying in rooms of similar layouts can help ease the anxiety of change and make for a better night’s rest. Since most people are susceptible to the first night effect, maintaining a level of consistency helps put the brain and body at ease.

Maintain Schedule

This may be easier said than done, yet maintaining a normal schedule will help put a person to sleep. However, that may be difficult when changing time zones, meeting clients, or meeting the demands of work assignments and managers. However, one can attempt to maintain normalcy by opting to go home rather than out for drinks, using this alarm clock app to get up at the same time, etc.

Doctor Suggested

Speak with your family doctor about any natural or medicinal sleeping aids. You may not like the idea of taking over the counter drugs to get to sleep, yet you may find that a mild dosage really helps to get you to sleep in strange places. Alternatively, old-fashioned treatments like warm milk are tried and true methods to induce sleepiness.