Mom and Daughter Time: A Vacation is the Perfect Bonding Opportunity

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Category: Parenting Tips

Even when you enjoy a close relationship it is always special to spend some quality mom and daughter time away from all the usual distractions.

A weekend away is the perfect chance to do something fun and exciting together and make that bond between you even stronger.

Here are some ideas for a quick getaway together, including a top location for some retail therapy, a suggestion for doing something new together, plus a chance to share a positive community experience.

Take a bite of the Big Apple

As a weekend getaway destination New York ticks a lot of boxes with so much to see and do with brief time in the city.

A trip to New York gives you numerous sightseeing options and some excellent shopping opportunities when you wander along iconic 5th Avenue, plus you can finish off a perfect day with a meal together and maybe take in a show on Broadway.

The Marriott Newark might be a good option for your stay with close proximity to the airport and easy access to the city, so see if you both like the idea of hitting the city that never sleeps.

Learn something new together

Another idea to consider would be to see if you both want to learn a new skill or hobby together.

Talk about what you have always wanted to learn and if you find something that you both like the sound of there are probably some residential courses or classes that you could attend together.

Spending a weekend away learning how to paint, for example, could be a great experience and the start of a new shared interest.

Take in the fresh air

You can often feel like you have accomplished something and spared some quality time when you decide to go on a long walk or hike with each other.

You can decide to head to a new area that you want to explore together and enjoy long chats alongside the chance to get some exercise and fresh air together, or you could even pick a local nature venue to enjoy with each other.

Also, sharing a walk often tends to get your relaxed and talking about things going on in your lives that you might not have had a chance to catch up with each other on during your regular routine.

Giving something back together

There are a lot of positives attached to volunteering and sharing the experience as mother and daughter makes it a lot of fun as well as being extremely worthwhile.

Talk about what sort of volunteering opportunities you would both like to get involved with and make a date to give some of your time up together, either as a one-off if you go somewhere in particular, or on a regular basis in your neighborhood.

A mother and daughter is often an unbreakable bond that you share for life and spending some quality time together can only help to strengthen that relationship.