Money Makeover – Reduce Your Expenditure

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Money comes and money goes. Otherwise known as payday. If you get paid monthly, that’s 12 days out of the whole year where you have money. You can’t be expected to be good at anything that you only do 12 times per year. That’s why so many people have issues with money.

Today, we’re going to look at a money makeover to help you reduce your expenditure.

Switch Heating Solutions

Heating your home with oil can save you money on your energy bill (check out a company like SuperSaverOil for more information). If you have never considered home heating oil before, there are two upfront advantages of making the switch. After you have read these findings and decided, you will want to discuss your choice with an HVAC professional to see how you can do this. If your furnace is old and needs some maintenance, you may want to look into a furnace repair service before using any home heating oil as it could make your bills higher, especially if there is a leak. Getting it checked out beforehand is important so you can start your switch off right.

First, oil can be purchased in bulk and stored in a safe tank on your property for later use. Average household usage figures suggest 1000 liters (or a little over 200 gallons) could last a single-occupancy household an entire year, or a family around three months. The true value here lies in the fact that you can purchase the oil when prices are low, in readiness for the colder weather.

Secondly, oil holds heat better than water. If you have water surging through your home heating system, you’ll be familiar with the scenario that goes a little something like this: switch on, get hot, switch off, get cold, repeat 5x per day. However, oil stays warmer for longer, reducing the number of times you need to pay for heating throughout the day.

Similarly, when it comes to home cooling there are savings that can be made. An old air conditioning unit will be inefficient and a big money waster, so if you’ve had your air conditioning for a long time it might be time to think about replacing it with a modern update. Try going to a site similar to to find someone who can replace your AC and you’ll find you’ll be making big energy savings in no time.

Check Your Broadband Options

The internet was invented as a military tool, enabling the rapid exchange of data in the ongoing effort to protect our freedom. Now we use it to order pizza. Or perhaps you use it to video call your loved ones halfway across the globe, or to organise school reunions, or something else meaningful. Whatever uses you find for the internet, you probably couldn’t live without it. It’s part of our everyday lives. We pay for it because it’s needed. And that means we’ve become desensitised to our broadband bills.

Here’s what you need to do. Call your supplier and ask if you are on the cheapest tariff for your needs (you may have to haggle). Compare online prices against the number your supplier gives you. Make the switch if you can get a cheaper deal elsewhere. Remember, if it makes you money, it makes sense. You don’t owe your current supplier anything. They won’t miss you. Don’t feel loyal to a brand that is ripping you off.

Cut Your Credit Card Bills

For many people, monthly credit card repayments are part of the problem surrounding a lack of disposable income. Nobody likes to work all month only to see their hard-earned cash go on credit card bills and not much else.

You have two options here. First, speak to your credit card company and ask if there is a payment scheme that could see you reduce your monthly payments. They can usually do something to help. Next, try to pay off any credit cards that charge high rates of interest first – in the medium to long term, this will work in your favour, but you have to start today!