Moving to A New House? Here Are Some Key Things to Consider

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Moving to a new house can be a bit of a nightmare. You can find yourself rushing around, putting your back out from carrying boxes, trashing your treasured belongings and generally giving in to stress. It is even harder with kids around!

Moving need not be dreadful. Here are some key things to consider when upping sticks and leaving.

Give Yourself Plenty of Time

A good job is never rushed. This might seem like obvious advice, but plenty of people find themselves moving to a new house at breakneck speed. Do yourself a favour and start packing a month in advance. Contract any help you need even further in advance and plan contingencies for when things go a little bit off-piste.

Pick the Right Movers

If you can afford it, hire a professional removals company. Moving to a new house can lead to a great deal of physical strain, and professionals are trained in how to transport your household objects safely and carefully. Trust us; it is worth it. There are hundreds of removals companies in the UK. House movers London are in a good position to move you anywhere in the country. Hiring a company from the nation’s capital often helps with removal time due to the central position and good highway access to the city.


Remember, if you are doing this for the right reasons, then you are making a positive change in your life. It should feel like a pleasure, not a pain! Nevertheless, moving to a new house can be extremely stressful.

According to the Daily Telegraph, two-thirds of people moving considered the move to be at the top of their ‘stress pile’. The key to moving without giving in to stress is to give yourself time to relax. Moving can feel like a huge rush, especially with kids. Plan some time each day to have for yourself. Read a book, pour a glass of wine and marvel at what you have done.

Keep the Kids Occupied

For your own sanity and the sanity of your removal’s helpers: keep the kids occupied.

Get Your Kids Excited About Moving

Moving to a new house can be a scary time for children. Change can be stressful when you are growing up but moving to a new house can be an exciting time. It is important to emphasize the fact that you are helping create stability, not pulling the rug up from under their feet.

One great way to get your kids excited about moving to a new house is to read to them about it. In recent years, plenty of great children’s books have been released that explicitly deal with moving house and accepting change.

Another great way to get your kids excited is to tell them all about your new neighbourhood. Every street tells thousands of stories. Looking up the history of the place you are moving to and letting your kids know some amazing things about it can get them excited about the future. It might also get the adults fascinated!