Mums Just Get 17 Minutes of Me-Time a Day

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Mums all across the world will hardly be surprised to hear that mums only get 17 minutes of me-time each day. In a recent study, what we have all suspected has been confirmed. Furthermore, mums are likely to use the 17 minutes to do some house chores. Who cares, you may say after all isn’t it just a privilege to be a mum? Is me-time even important or have we all turned into a bunch of self-absorbed moaners?

In the same study of 2000 women, two-thirds felt they had to do the lion’s share of the housework and nearly three-quarters thought they were living their lives predominantly for other people. Busy lifestyles and a plethora of out of school activities don’t allow women to have any real time to themselves for sheer relaxation. On the contrary, most women stated, that they don’t have time to pursue hobbies or favourite pastimes.

The bedroom seems to be a woman’s only sanctuary and some women went on to describe that even when they get 15 minutes of peace and quiet, they can’t relax properly because they are already thinking about the next job.

Most women said that they read a book or catch their favourite soap during their 15 minutes.

Working Mums or Stay-at-Home Mums – Most Women Carry the Can

It seems to matter little whether a mum stays at home or goes to work. She ends up doing most of the chores and general organising, while men seem better able to come home from work, sit down and relax.

Perhaps women have just been conditioned to feel responsible for all the menial house task, even though many of them work outside the home now. Perhaps feminism has ultimately failed to created equality when it comes to tedious housework!

We also tend to forget that housework is still not considered a “real job” even though I wouldn’t like to count the actual work hours of a housewife.

Why Is Me-Time Important Anyway

Most women gladly and willingly accept their roles and responsibilities, however, I dare say, without me-time life is exceedingly hard. This does in no way take away from the love a mum feels for her family.

Maybe it’s about the need to be nourished and cared for. Perhaps, if women made a concerted effort to stand up for themselves and demand me-time, the world would truly change.
Ultimately, it’s going to be difficult to stay strong and loving, if mum doesn’t care about her own well-being.

It’s a bit like cooking a family dinner and mum not taking any for herself. That wouldn’t work in the long run and neither does the absence of me-time.

Me-time is nourishment, peace, quiet and relaxation, all essential and no mum should go without it.

Demanding Me-Time

Perhaps women should unite and demand me-time at home. It’s certainly unlikely a family member would suggest that mum should sit down and relax for a while.

This is how you demand me-time:

● Sit down and relax and refuse to get up for any chores or demands
● Read a book for a while
● Go and lie down for a few minutes
● Book a spa treatment
● Go to the movies
● Watch your favourite soap
● Ask your partner and kids to do some chores while you relax on your sofa
● Meet a friend for coffee
● Visit to get yourself a freeze pipe bong (if that’s your thing) and organise to visit a mate to just relax together for an evening

It doesn’t really matter what activity you get involved in. The most important thing is to dig your heels in and refuse to do jobs during me-time. You are the only person who can make me-time happy. Preferably, you would insist on your 15 minutes on a daily basis but it may take your family a few days to get used to the new me.

Insist on it, do it for yourself and remember that you will be far happier and better able to help after a bit of quality me-time.