Nectar Mattress Reviews: How good is the Nectar Sleep Bed?

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Nectar is among the popular companies that manufacture mattress according to the modern standards. It might not be a gigantic brand but yet it is a great medium sized firm that focuses on the making of memory foam mattress. Such kind of sleeping beds are especially for the individuals that sleep on their sides and are looking for a bed that has firm support and appropriate padding to provide great comfort. The Nectar Sleep Bed comes at a very reasonable price and there are certain things that will make you love this nectar mattress.

Cool mattress

There are people that do not like the heat gathering underneath their body as they are sleeping. Certain people love warmer beds but usually individuals that are looking for a comfortable sleep opt for the cooler ones. The mattress plays a critical role because there are certain models that are manufactured with particular technologies to hold the heat. On the other side, mattresses like Nectar Sleep are made to make the air circulate throughout the mattress and keep your bed cool and comfy. This model uses the Tencel cotton cover which is there to boost the circulation of air throughout the upper layer and its heat wicking make sure that you have a cool bed for the night.

Firm support and appropriate comfort

As stated, people that are more side sleepers or the ones that sleep straight on their back look for the beds that are firm. It is because such models provide the necessary support to their body and they get a better sleep. When we talk about the mattresses, there is a particular scale of measurement. At one side of it, you have the softest beds while on the other hand you get the firmest. The Nectar Sleep is around the center of the scale, though some claim that it is slightly to the firmer side. What balances it out is the upper comfort layers and cover materials that provide comfort and appropriate padding for you which acts as the cushion for your body as you prepare for a great quality sleep.

Try before you buy

There are companies that give you a short try out span when you purchase mattress. Generally, it is from a few days up to a week or so. However, the manufacturers of Nectar Sleep Mattress are so sure about their product that they let you keep it as under trial for as long as 365 days. Yes! You can keep it with you for around a year and anytime during the year you feel like something is not right with the mattress you can return it and have refund. This free of charge return and long try out span is attracting people and making them try out this brand before they head over to the market and consider other choices.

Final words

So, this is all about the Nectar Sleep Mattress. There are other models in the market by the company so make sure that you check them all. As for this nectar mattress, there are certain things that we like and certain that might be a bit improved.

The mattress is slightly towards the firmer side of the scale but with great support and extra padding for comfort. The couples that look for minimal motion transfer can try out this mattress. The long trial period and warranty of this mattress will force you to get one for yourself. However, there are certain claims that the mattress is not as plush as a pillow top and there is just a little “bounce” effect.