Off to bed with you! But where?

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A bed is one of the most important purchases we can make. Experts reckon we spend about a third or more of our lives sleeping, so a good bed is vital. So what are the options available to us when we hit the shops? Sofa beds and sleeping bags are a thing of the past when accommodating sleepy guests, so here’s a quick look at what’s about in the modern market.

Putting up the in-laws

How often have you blurted out the age-old drunken phrase, “Oh, just stay here!” A glass or five of wine later and the once civilised gossip has descended into shrieking karaoke and uncontrollable laughter.

The neighbours have had enough, and so have you and your pals. When you all eventually drag yourselves up the seemingly mountainous staircase to the comfort and safety of a place to sleep, your guests may well be met by a pile of blankets and dusty old pillow from the junk room.

Although it rarely matters as to how comfortable the makeshift bed is in such circumstances, you are more likely to have family or friends to stay with more ‘refined’ sleeping needs.

Nothing strikes dread into the heart quicker than the sight of a rusty, spring-laden camping bed. Creaks will ring out across the room as your mother-in-law makes the minutest of adjustments to her sleeping position, waking you and your already sleepless children in the process.

New-age air beds are a techie’s dream

Fear no longer; we have entered a golden age of temporary bedroom furniture, but more specifically, the magically re-engineered air bed. Tall enough to replicate your ol’ faithful ottoman and probably a whole lot more comfortable, too.

Gone are days of a backache induced by nothing more than a deflating plastic sack. Now your guests could be catching Zs on what is essentially an inflatable computer. That’s right – some mattresses include sensors which detect when any air has escaped, and tops it back up. Impressive stuff, and useful when you wake up a few inches lower than when you went to sleep!

It once was the case that you would need to have considerable strength in your legs to get what was close to resembling a solid bed when inflating an air mattress. A foot pump and some resilience were the only things standing in the way of your guests and a comfortable night’s sleep. Now, you can plug in an air mattress and sit down to enjoy your cup of coffee or glass of wine again for a few minutes.

What’s the damage?

You can spend anything from £15.00 for a lightweight, low-lying version with a built-in mechanical pump, to pushing into the hundreds for something with lights, sensors, solid foldaway legs and a headboard. You can basically get a real bed, but one that is filled with air as opposed to foam, wood and springs.

The soft coverings will ensure that your drunken friend or an elderly family member can enjoy the comfort of a real bed. It really is quite surprising just how good the quality of some air mattresses is, and even more surprising how easy they are to inflate, deflate and store until their next use.

Of course, you have the option to pay top dollar or save a few pounds on the cheaper options. It is not necessarily the case that the less costly versions are lower in quality, but it generally follows that a higher quality product will cost you that bit more.

For proof of importance of a good nights sleep I recommend reading the this: 7-ways-our-sleep-habits-profoundly-affect-productivity.

Sweet dreams.