Outside London: 4 Great Day Trips from England’s Capital

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London is such a vibrant, activity-packed location that there’s often little reason for travellers to leave. However, for those who need a break from the capital or seek a different change of scenery, there are numerous nearby places which are ideal for a day trip. Need proof? Well here are four destinations to consider for a day out from London.


Bath is one of the world’s most unique destinations. Blending contemporary culture with a historic slice of Roman culture, the city has the distinction of being a UNESCO World Heritage site. This is due to the famous Roman Baths, a preserved thermae which was built between 60-70 CE. However, Bath has more to offer than just this landmark. The city’s striking Georgian architecture is a sight to behold, particularly when walking down the renowned Royal Crescent Street. Bath also boasts numerous museums, the unique shop-lined Pulteney Bridge and stunning Bath Abbey.


Windsor is a fantastic blend of scenic nature, historic attractions, and family-friendly fun. The town’s most famous attraction, Windsor Castle, is the world’s oldest castle and the official place of residence for the Queen. The other major attraction in the area is Legoland Windsor Resort. Excellent for younger visitors, Legoland contains many rides and fun-filled activities. As the name implies, Windsor Great Park is another place worth visiting during a trip to the town. This park is not only a fine way of unwinding away from the crowds, but it’s also an idyllic spot for taking in the wonderful nature. Due to there being plenty of pubs, quaint shops, and places to eat in Windsor, the town has everything necessary for a long, enjoyable day outside of London.

The Cotswolds

If you’re after a complete 180 to the hustle and bustle of London, a trip to the Cotswolds is a must. Recognised as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, the Cotswolds is the perfect slice of rural charm. It benefits from gorgeous gardens, idyllic rolling hills, medieval villages, and cosy pubs. Considering the Cotswolds covers six counties, and features the Cotswold Way walking trail, which stretches 102 miles, this area isn’t short of places to explore and discover. The vibrant market towns are particularly great for relaxing strolls and capturing the scenic environment with Instagram-worthy snaps.


Going on a day trip to another capital might not seem like the most obvious option initially. With the convenience of the Channel Tunnel, however, it is possible to enjoy a full day in Paris while visiting from London. This famous French city is packed with a plethora of historical attractions, museums, trendy bars, and some of the world’s finest dining options. On a day trip, people might head for the iconic Eiffel Tower. With that said, Paris is home to other major attractions such as the Louvre Museum, Arc de Triomphe and Grand Palais. With so much to do in Paris, it might be wise to plan a visit that lasts longer than a day!