Places in Nature For Toddlers To Explore

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Natural settings provide young children with the ultimate playground. Learn about the best places to take your toddler as well as activity ideas, health benefits and practical tips to enjoy the outdoors in any season.

Benefits of Nature Play

Interacting with nature boosts children’s physical, intellectual and emotional well-being. Here’s how outdoor play facilitates healthy development.


The natural world offers endless learning opportunities. Through exploration, discovery and rich sensory experiences, toddlers tap into their creativity and inquisitiveness. Time spent outdoors is also found to improve concentration. lengthen attention span and encourage healthy risk-taking.


Activities like climbing trees, collecting seeds and walking across logs build fine and gross motor skills, strengthen muscles and improve balance and agility. If your child displays extreme lethargy or weakness with any activity, ask your pediatrician to check for iron deficiency. Wellements Iron Drops can help increase levels.


Nature’s relaxing vibe reduces anxiety and promotes positivity. Through outdoor play, children can release energy and build resilience and confidence.


Most young toddlers engage in parallel play rather than interacting directly with peers. As they get older, they engage more with others and begin to develop important skills such as sharing, collaboration, empathy and conflict resolution.

Safe Outdoor Areas For Your Toddler

Parks, playgrounds, hiking trails, woods, creeks and even your backyard are invaluable sources for entertainment and discovery. To ensure safety, use common sense and closely supervise your child at all times. Avoid hazardous spots, such as:

  • Deep or fast-moving waters
  • Areas with poison ivy
  • Steep hills or cliffs
  • Loose or slippery boulders

Fun Nature Activities

You’d be amazed at the fun you can have with little more than a few rocks and twigs. Here are 10 ideas for things to do in nature:

  1. Identify wildlife.
  2. Start a nature box.
  3. Go on a hike.
  4. Do art projects using items found in nature.
  5. Plant a garden.
  6. Pick fruits and vegetables.
  7. Build a fort.
  8. Watch the clouds.
  9. Roll in the grass.
  10. Splash through puddles.

Tips To Enjoy Nature Year-Round

Nature play is not just a fair-weather event. With the right clothing and supplies, you can have fun outside rain, shine or snow. Here’s how to gear up for any season:

  • Always apply sunscreen. The sun’s UV rays are powerful even in cold weather. Little ones can enjoy the benefits of vitamin d drops that supplement their diets.
  • Bring water bottles everywhere to make sure your tot stays hydrated.
  • Dress in layers in cold weather. Start with a base layer made from moisture-wicking material like polyester. Put on a mid-layer to retain heat followed by an outer layer to shield your child from the elements. Use a wool hat, gloves and socks with waterproof boots for maximum warmth and protection. 
  • In hot weather, stick with light, loose, and quick-drying clothing. Put on close-toed, breathable shoes.
  • Get ready for mud puddles with a rain suit, wool or synthetic socks and waterproof boots. Skip the umbrella; it will limit your child’s movement.

Spending time in nature offers many health benefits. Take every opportunity to support your child’s growth and development. Get outdoors and check with your pediatrician about giving your toddler organic vitamins made from simple, natural ingredients.