Planning an Amazing Summer holiday with Kids

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The summer holiday can be exciting for children, however, for parents it can be a daunting nightmare. The summer holiday means that parents will have to start planning activities and events that’ll keep the children busy and entertained. There are some amazing attractions, activities and events that you can visit of even create yourself without breaking the bank.  The aim of this post is to present parents and care givers with realistic suggestions and ideas for a summer holiday with children.


There are going to be countless activities in your local neighbourhood available to you and your children during the summer holidays. Here are some ideas if you want to organise something privately;

  • Picking Strawberries–You can take them out to a farm to pick fruits and berries or flowers.
  • Camping– If you have a big enough garden of you have a park near your house you can take the kids camping. Make it feel as original as you can, make fires, roast marshmallows, tell scary stories etc.
  • Build a fort– Building a fort indoor can be a fun experience for your children, they can build a pirate fort or play cops and robbers. The only catch is that you’ll have a lot of clearing up to do after, but you could turn cleaning up into a fun task as well.
  • Redecorate– If you are in the process of redecorating your house you can take advantage of this and turn it into a fun task for the children. You can get them to paint their rooms or anywhere you feel comfortable with. You should remember to use a facemask to protect them from fumes.


No matter where you live in the UK during the summer holidays there will always be an abundance of events occurring for children and adults alike.

  • Latitude– If you live in the Suffolk area or you plan to visit you can attend latitude festival targeted at families where children are entertained with fireworks, pizza-making lessons, arts and crafts and more.
  • The Big Festival– If you are a fan of cooking or want to encourage it in your children then you should take them to The Big Festival in Cotsworld farm. As well as learning to cook parents will also be rubbing shoulders with the likes of TinieTempah, Mark Ronson and Jamie Oliver.
  • The Good Life Experience Festival – This festival in Flintshire is a welcome break from the city life, it’ll teach your children ancient skills like mosaic-making, knot tying and blacksmithery.


There are also a variety of attractions for children and families all around the UK starting from London all the way to Aberdeen, Yorkshire and Wales.

London– If you live in the London area or you plan of visiting then you can visit the Natural History Museum, this museum is fitted with a variety of mind boggling exhibits from meteors to dinosaur eggs to Neanderthal skull all coming together to form one of the country’s most magical destinations. If the museum is not for you then you should consider the Warner Bros. Studio Tour in London, the tour is a chance for Harry Potter fans to gain back stage passes to where all eight Harry Potter movies were made.

Blackpool– If you are in the Blackpool area there are an abundance of things to do in Blackpool, from the Pleasure Beach to The Blackpool Tower there is something for everyone. Blackpool is great to show your kids some traditional seaside fun, have a picnic on the beach, let the kids fun wild at the sand parks or let them go crazy in the ultimate play area at The Blackpool Tower.

Essex– If you are a fan of history and you are in the Essex area then you’ll probably want to visit Colchester, it is the oldest recorded town in the country and has a castle from the 11th century. If history in not your thing then South End is probably more your style, with its beaches, funfair, carnivals and much more there is something for everyone.