Postpartum Hair Loss: 5 Helpful Tips to Beat It

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When becoming pregnant, many women look forward to symptoms like thick and fast-growing hair. However, once you welcome your child, there is the risk of experiencing postpartum hair loss. This usually involves a sudden shedding or clumps of hair falling out in the six months after you’ve given birth. 

Understandably, it can be distressing to see your hair falling out because of this. However, you need to remember that it’s completely normal. To help your hair throughout this period, here are some tips that can help.

Maintain Healthy Hair

If you are experiencing shedding hair after having your baby, now is the time to keep your hair healthy and shiny. You can do this by following a balanced diet, taking your prenatal vitamin supplements, as well as being extra gentle when shampooing and conditioning. Make sure you only shampoo and condition when it’s absolutely necessary. You can also use a wide-toothed comb to combat tangling.

Avoid Adding Heat

Rather than reaching for your straighteners or blow dryer, it’s time to give your hair a break during ‘shedding season’. This means you should avoid adding any excess heat to your hair. Staying clear of chemical-based treatments is advised also until the shedding finishes. Chemicals and heat combined aren’t good for your hair, especially as you will have sensitive hair follicles post-pregnancy. 

Let Loose

To reduce the amount of hair falling out after giving birth, it’s wise to not have your hair tied in a tight ponytail. Even if this is your hairstyle of choice, this can cause more shedding. It’s advised to use a scrunchie over rubber bands or small hairbands. Make sure you wait until the shedding has stopped before returning to bands. 

Try a Head Massage

When it comes to reducing the effects of postpartum hair loss, a head massage may be the answer. Many people swear by head massages as a way to relieve tension and reduce stress levels. Head massages also boost blood flow to your scalp which can stimulate hair follicles. Head massages are also known to ease headache or migraine pain, lower blood pressure, and increase circulation to your neck. 

Seek Advice

Your body goes through a lot throughout pregnancy and the aftermath. Once your little one has arrived in the world, you may feel self-conscious about your postpartum hair loss, to the point where you may even be looking into having a neograft in Denver, or somewhere more local to you, in order to help restore your hair. Even though it happens to millions of women across the world, some new mothers suffer worse than others. If you are losing a lot of hair and feel embarrassed, it’s time to speak to your GP. For the time being, you may benefit from wearing a wig from which can put a spring in your step and boost your confidence. Whatever you do, you mustn’t suffer in silence. Once you reach out to others, this can reduce stress which could be prolonging the shedding.

Hair loss after giving birth can be alarming and a cause of concern. However, it must be reiterated that postpartum hair loss is completely natural and shouldn’t be anything to worry about. If you have any concerns, don’t hesitate in speaking to your GP.