Practical Christmas Gifts for Men (2020 Edition)

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Christmas is almost here. Along with stressing over the turkey and planning visits to the in-laws, there’s the small matter of getting presents for your nearest and dearest.

While this is easy enough when it comes to any children – they’ll normally provide you with a list so long it resembles a small book – it’s a different story when it comes to the men in your life. Whether it’s your husband, father, grandad, or adult son, finding a gift they want or need – and most importantly love – can often seem impossible.

That’s where this article comes into play. Rather than focusing on novelty items and other gifts that will be forgotten about by Boxing Day, the following options will all have a practical element. So without further delay, here are some great ideas for Christmas gifts for men:

Mountain bike

Sure, you could go for other fitness-related presents such as a treadmill or weights set. Yet along with the health benefits, a bike allows you to get out and enjoy the outdoors.

While there are various bike options available, a mountain bike is a safe bet for those who want to explore off-road. Specialist mens mountain bikes have the right build to handle off-road riding, and almost anything you point it at.

Smart wallet

Whenever a wallet or purse is lost, you know this can cause an incredible level of stress. Well, many companies have attempted to eliminate this problem with their smart wallet. Along with a number of other beneficial features, their voice-activated smart wallet allows users to track its location with their smartphone – either by phoning it or seeing where it is on the map.

Noise-cancelling headphones

Pretty much everyone owns a pair of headphones these days. However, the types that come free with phones or found on bargain shelves are, to be blunt, not that good.

This is reason enough to purchase some high-quality headphones as a gift. However, noise-cancelling headphones are ideal for both music lovers and those who want to avoid being distracted.

Magnetic wristband

If the person you’re gifting to has a passion for DIY, it can be tricky to find them a tool or accessory they don’t already own. One item they may not have is a magnetic wristband. An ideal stocking filler, this wristband can remove the headache of fumbling around with screws, nails, and any other miniature hardware pieces.

Although if they seemingly do already own everything – including a magnetic wristband – you could always consider upgrading a tool they already own.

Graphic design tablet

Does the recipient of your gift have an artistic flair? Instead of letting them express this on just paper and canvases, give them the opportunity to explore the world of digital design. With a graphic design tablet, they have the perfect tool to make the creation process feel as natural as possible.

Plus, they could always use this as a launchpad towards earning some side money, which takes its practicality to another level.