Schedule of public holiday 2021 in Singapore

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Announcement of the schedule of public holiday 2021 in Singapore

As a working employee or a student, we always have a keen interest in holidays coming in future days. Many people plan according to that in their minds. Keeping in mind the Ministry of Manpower, Singapore has announced the holiday schedule for the year 2021, which is public holiday 2021. These dates, which are given in this schedule, can vary if official changes are announced.

What are the major key points of public holiday 2021?

  • Dates of public holidays in Singapore
  • Long weekend holidays for the year 2021 in Singapore
  • Working days for the year 2021 in Singapore
  • Total number of days for the year 2021 in Singapore
  • Number of weeks in the year 2021

What is the weekly schedule in Singapore?

Week in Singapore is usually five days, which starts from Monday to Friday, and they work for 5.5 days per week because, on Saturday, they work for only half a day. According to the 6 days operating schedule, you have to work for six days/ week, which refers from Monday to Saturday and a default rest day on Sunday. In most parts of the world, a six days schedule is followed. The only difference is that on Friday they work for half a day.

The complete program of holidays in Singapore in the year 2021

DateDay of the weekHoliday description
Jan 1FridayNew year’s day
Feb 12FridayChinese new year
Feb 13SaturdayChinese new year holiday
April 2FridayGood Friday
May 1SaturdayLabour day
May 13ThursdayHari Raya Puasa
May 26WednesdayVesak Day
July 20TuesdayHari Raya Haji
Aug 9MondayNational day
Nov 4ThursdayDeepavali
Dec 25SaturdayChristmas day

Why are holidays important?

It is reported in many studies that in every walk of life satisfaction was increased in the people who were going on some holiday trip and their work efficiency and focus was also increased. Many studies have endorsed the existence of the “spillover” effect of holiday trips on all domains of life satisfaction, which eventually influences overall life satisfaction. A positive relationship is reported between the comfort of life and holiday trips, and holiday trips do affect your health, leisure, and household income in a positive manner. For example, taking out disabled persons on holiday trips will encourage them to participate more in work, and quality of life also becomes better.

What is the relationship between holidays and work efficiency?

The break is significant for recovery. In many studies, it is shown that work efficiency of the persons which get a break or holiday from the work is increased as compared to the ones which work continually because when they get a break and do recreational stuff, they become fresh again and work with more focus.

How holidays affect students?

According to psychology, human development is hugely dependent on nature, and nature is related to genetics and the environment. Here is the detail of how holidays affect students. Students went through a lot in their student life, especially mentally, because there is a lot of mental stress which they have to cope up with. If holidays are appropriately utilized, then they not only give you a break from mental stress but also allows you to learn new things, visit new places and meet new people. As an example, when a student goes to visit his/ her grandparents, or any other relatives were never there before, there is a fair chance that he/she will be able to learn new things, think differently and grow up as a person.

The outcome of this discussion

To survive and compete with the people, it is necessary to work hard and with dedication. Still, at the same time, it is also very necessary to get some time from that same working routine and go out for some usual stuff or recreational activities. It will change your thought process and give you mental and physical recovery so that when you come back to work, you can give your best shot and work to your maximum potential. The main idea of public holiday 2021 is to send a soft signal in the minds of people of Singapore about the relaxing days in the next year so that they can find some happiness through it.