Side-hustles and local business ideas to pair with book club meetings

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On a weekend morning, sitting on your couch with a cup of coffee and a stack of magazines, you’re reading the following: home design ideas, news of the upcoming winter holidays, and … your favourite celebrity’s blog? Sounds crazy, right? So, what if you could add a side-hustle into the mix and read articles and get connected with a fellow consumer when you’re both getting ready in the morning?

SmartLocal is a Singaporean platform that helps people tap into their side hustle and find ways to connect with local businesses as a side hustle. Because of this, it is quickly becoming a big hit. The platform connects consumers with local businesses through a mobile app. Users can easily discover local businesses, read news about them and then either chat with the business through the app or request a personalised demonstration of their services. At the same time, it makes connecting to local businesses a lot easier.

Its reach transcends border though, as the catering software in UK local businesses was discovered via this platform in the specific case of a group of book club members discussing side-hustles and business ideas.

Many have suggested that side hustles work for anyone who is looking to earn some extra cash or have extra money for a fun purchase. But if you have an idea for a business that you’re unsure how to market, or if you’re looking for a way to use your hobby to your advantage and become an entrepreneur, you might want to consider joining a book club.

There’s a common misconception that most people in book clubs are collecting dust on the couch with a new paperback. Most book clubs are active and organised, with members looking for fun and interesting discussions and an outlet for their passions outside of their normal everyday lives. A good book club is a great way to learn more about people and find new ideas and passions to add into your life.

The platform is a great way to start thinking about your book club ideas as you start getting ready in the morning. It also works great for people who want to get connected with local businesses. Once you have an idea of what you’re interested in, you can use the platform to learn more about the business and its offerings. SmartLocal provides a lot of information about what the business is looking for in a side-hustle, their local community, the type of customers they’re looking for, pricing and more.

You can also reach out to the business directly through the app to set up a demonstration or to request a quote for your services. If you live in a metro area like New York, you can connect to local businesses all over the world. No matter where you live, you can easily find book clubs nearby that you can join.

With SmartLocal, you can add a side hustle into your life that will bring you a lot of fulfilment and excitement. If you’re looking for a creative way to spend your free time, this is a great place to start.