Simple Ways to Help Your Child (and You) Finish Their Homework

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As a parent, we want to do everything we possibly can to help our child succeed. From buying them warm clothes to choosing the best schools, there’s little we wouldn’t do to ensure their success.

Unfortunately, helping our kids with some aspects of their schoolwork isn’t as easy as we wish it would be. One dreaded word comes to mind: homework!

From time to time, your child is bound to ask you for help with their homework. The problem is that not all parents will know how to solve the problem sets, and it’s not always easy to figure out what to do!

Here are some simple ways that parents struggling with kids’ homework can help their child succeed.

Idea #1: The Internet Is Your Friend

The world our children are growing up in is very different from the world we grew up in. The lessons taught in school are different, the concepts learned have developed, and frankly speaking, our kids probably know more than we do by the end of high school.

But that doesn’t mean that you can’t figure out how to help them!

Plenty of parents turn to the internet to figure out how to help their kids with homework. From grammar to maths, all you need to do is search the concept on the internet for a simple refresher that will help you help your children.

Don’t be afraid to seek knowledge; it can be fun!

Idea #2: Talk To Their Teachers

Another way to help your children with their homework is to talk to their teachers throughout the year about upcoming concepts and ideas they have on rounding out your children’s education at home.

It may feel embarrassing, but teachers are very understanding that parents aren’t going to know about every concept their child learns. After all, that is why they are the teacher, and you are the parent!

Discuss with the teacher the best way to help your child with their homework in a way that is doable for you and helpful for your child. You’ll find out in no time that you can help your child through that difficult assignment!

Ask them if they have any informational sheets you can use to review the concepts you’ll need for each child. Use personalised name labels to organize these at home (see a fantastic range here: so that you can get through the school year with ease.

Idea #3: Let Your Kids Teach You

Another way to get through a difficult problem set with your child is to start with the basic concept.

Ask your child to walk you through what they learned about the concept at school. Check out their notes, and ask them to “become the teacher” and show you how to do the work.

Because you are older and have more life experience, the chances are high that your brain will catch on quickly and be able to problem solve these problems in time.

Once your “lesson” is over, switch roles and start to work through the problems that your child is having problems with alongside them. Together, you might be able to catch where they are getting caught up, and the difficult homework will be done in no time!