Six Surprising Ways that You Can Get Your Kids to Sleep at Night

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Getting your children to sleep at night can seem like a bit of a mission at times. Us parents are well aware of how important sleep is for our children, so it can become frustrating when they don’t fall asleep. Watching them toss and turn or even cry can be overwhelming and even distressing for both you and your child. Finding ways that you can help your little ones to fall asleep is really important, and there are many steps that you can take to help! Though there is no clear cut cure for your child’s difficulty with sleeping, there are a few surprising things that you can do to help them sleep.  

Getting the right mattresses and sleeping materials

Making sure that you child is comfortable during the night is one of the most important ways to ensure that they have a good night’s sleep, and that they can get to sleep quickly and easily! Make sure that your child’s bedding is of good quality. If you find that it is a little lumpy, or that they could do with some extra dressing or accessories then it is worth making use of online discounts to re-invest in your goods. A Silentnight discount code can help you to save money while simultaneously increasing your child’s ability to fall asleep more easily.

Increase the amount that they do and see during the day

This may be one of the more commonly overlooked ways to help your children to sleep better during the night. Have you ever noticed that your kids fall asleep a lot faster after a day full of outdoor activity? Exposure to natural daylight and physical activity will help your child to use all of their energy resources during the day. This in turn should help them to sleep a lot more easily at night time. Make sure that your child is getting enough daylight and exercise and you should see an increased ability to fall asleep! Physical activity and daylight are also well known for promoting health and happiness, so it is definitely something worth doing!

Try to reduce their daytime napping habits

A lot of younger children have an allocated amount of napping time during the day. While this is totally normal for younger children, it may be worth reviewing how much time they are spending napping. Reducing your child’s nap time by just ten minutes can help them to sleep more easily at night time! This is again one of those techniques that may be easily overlooked!

Stay away from the television towards the end of the day

The fluorescent lights that come from our technological devices (TVs, phones, tablets and computers) can be detrimental to our sleeping patterns. The light can stop our brains from being able to properly prepare for bed at night time. It is very common for people to watch TV or play on their phones before bed, and it can be a huge factor in the inability to sleep. Try getting your children to undergo some different bedtime activities instead. Doing a puzzle or jigsaw, reading a book or having a bedtime chat can be a great way to avoid any sleeping problems! My Favourite Voucher Codes works with a range of game and book retailers. It is definitely worth taking a look. This way you can save a little bit of money while also investing in some non-television related bedtime activities.  

Making sure that the temperature is just right

It may seem a little obvious, but making sure that you’re child is sleeping in an appropriate temperature is really important in helping them to fall asleep. If your child is too hot or too cold it will definitely affect their ability to doze off! Take notice of how they are lying, how many blankets that they have, whether they articulate any discomfort. All of these things will help you to determine whether the room is too hot or too cold, and to adjust the temperature accordingly.

Calming music and nightlights

Make your child’s bedroom into a haven of calm and sleep promoting activity. Playing soft music and placing a small and dim nightlight in their bedroom will help them to associate the area with relaxation and sleep. There are a lot of soft music options available that you can play for your child, and the use of sound can really help to promote sleep in your little ones. Try playing soothing music, rain sounds or ocean noises to help your child fall asleep.

There are a lot of different things to consider when trying to get your child off to sleep, but hopefully these tips will help you to find the most appropriate strategy. Try getting the right sleeping materials, increasing your child’s exposure to daylight and physical activity, reducing daytime napping habits and keeping them away from late night television. You could also try testing the temperature and playing some calm and soothing music. May tonight be your child’s best night’s sleep!