Some Essential Considerations if You are Planning to Renovate Your Bathroom

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One thing that we often fail to realise about our bathrooms is this: it’s actually one of the most abused rooms in the home. Think about it – everyone in the family uses it every day, and we usually use it in a hurry. Those taps, toilets, showers, and baths take a beating! So if you are planning to renovate your bathroom and want it to be done the right way, here are some essential considerations you have to think about first.

Does it need a complete makeover, or does it merely need a facelift?

Sometimes, we are so eager to make some major changes to our bathrooms and make it a completely new space that we make some hasty decisions. So before you start, ask yourself this: does it need a complete makeover, or can it do with just a facelift? Perhaps not all your bathroom elements need to be replaced. Asking yourself this question is especially useful if you are on a budget. Take a look at your bathroom and see what you can really appreciate replacing and what simply needs a bit of cleaning or effort.

For instance, check the tiles. Do they look old or are they damaged or broken? You may just need to replace the grouting if your tiles are still in good shape. What about the basin and toilet? Are they still working properly, or do they constantly need to be fixed? Your shower enclosure may need replacing if it is already old, ugly, and worn out, and since this is a major element, you may want to consider a pre-fabricated, modular unit for a more modern look.

The above-mentioned are the most important elements you need to consider. But there may be other elements you want to consider, such as the vanity, cabinets and shelves, lights, and other features. Once you have decided what needs to be worked on and what needs to be replaced, then you can make an estimate of your budget.

Replacing your basin?

If you’ve taken a good look at your basin and have decided that it definitely needs to be replaced, then decide on a style and colour suitable for your bathroom. One colour which can’t go wrong is white – and since white is a very common and popular colour, it often comes cheaper than other coloured basins. The same is true for toilets – with white, you can’t go wrong.

Replacing your shower?

Shower enclosures take up a significant amount of space in any bathroom, and you want to make sure that your enclosure is in the best shape. If replacing your shower enclosure is your best option, you may want a pre-built unit which comes with everything you need for installation – including shower heads and massage jets, glass paneling, shower doors, plumbing kit, and so on. These modular units are also less expensive than re-building an entire shower enclosure from scratch.