Spring Cleaning Tips: Declutter Your Home with Ease

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Although spring brings us warm weather and flowers, it also brings us the most hated thing in the world: spring cleaning. During winter, we often tend to clutter our homes with needless belongings, so our spring cleaning lasts much longer than it should. It is now time to put an end to it once and for all.

Do you really need it?

Answering this question is the first step when decluttering. Look at your belongings and ask yourself: “is this something I need, have I used it in the past 6 months and does it have any sentimental value?” If the answer to all three questions is “No” you will have to say goodbye to these items. In other words, they should go straight to the toss pile.

What to do with the toss pile?

Once you have divided your items into piles, you need to make a decision whether you’re going to donate them, sell them or throw them away. If the item has a good value and it is in good condition (for example: your child’s old skiing gear), the best thing would be to sell it. If it is in good condition, but doesn’t have much value, it would be better to donate it to your local charity. Finally, if the item is not in good shape, simply throw it away.

What to do with the keep pile?

By the time you get here, you should already determine which items you need in your house on a daily basis and which ones you don’t. Anything you don’t need on a daily basis, but still want to keep, should go to the storage. This way, you will maximize your living space the best way possible. Of course, moving all that stuff can be a lot of work, so consider booking a firm that will do it for you. If you are from Australia, I would recommend you to go with the Moveage Group, they will provide you with a top-quality service, at a reasonable price.

What to do with seasonal household items?

We’re talking about all those Halloween decorations, Christmas lights etc. you only use for special occasions and holidays. They should be put in a storage,as well. After all, you’re using them only once a year, and they can take a lot of space.

Create zones in your home

For example, make coffee-making process easier by putting all of your coffee supplies in one cabinet. There will be no more walking around and gathering things you need. You can apply this principle throughout your entire home, especially if you are a creative crafter by nature – having all your crafting supplies in one area will make it easier for you to keep everything clean and tidy. Also, you don’t have to overhaul your entire place in one day.Dedicate 15 minutes every day to organizing your space.

But that’s not all!

After you’ve removed all the unnecessary items, it is now time for cleaning! Here is how to keep your home as clean as possible:

  • Clean your cabinets with a strong cabinet cream that will cut through all the dirt and moisturize the wood.
  • When wiping your windows, don’t just focus on the inside part, but remove the spots and smudges from the outside as well. Also, try washing your windows on a cloudy day so the sun won’t dry your cleanser before you are done.
  • Keep your stainless steel bright and clean with a wax-based aerosol spray once or twice a week.
  • Save your countertops by having them sealed a few times as soon as you install them in your kitchen. You will know you sealed them enough when you see that water beads are staying on the surface until you wipe them off.
  • Clean your refrigerator shelves with a warm and soapy water.
  • Remove the black tarnish from your silverware with a toothbrush and a Hagerty silver foam, or with a chrome polish. Never put it in the dishwasher!
  • Instead of damaging your wooden floors by mopping them every week, wet-clean them every two months and spot-clean when needed.
  • Clean your oven with a baking soda and white vinegar
  • Clean your bathroom and kitchen tiles with cleaners that have neutral pH value, or with a baking soda and water mix.
  • Remove the stink from your washing machine with the help of distilled white vinegar and baking soda. Run the machine with hot water and then add your mixture and let it sit for an hour. Afterwards, restart your machine, let the water drain and wipe it with a cloth.

That would be it. Now all that is left is to roll up your sleeves, hire a skip and get to work! Happy cleaning everybody!