Before I started this website and blog, I spent many hours reading other parenting blogs. You can learn quite a lot about the writing process, what topics to write about and how to find your own writing voice. At some point, I decided to submit a post for guest publication, as somewhat of an experiment. When it was published, I was immensely proud and suddenly, I found myself in possession of the confidence I had perhaps lacked beforehand.

The parenting blogger who supported me that time, went on to encourage me all the way to becoming a well-read blogger. Somehow, I would like to do the same for other novices and I am therefore offering you a guest publishing opportunity.

To discuss submitting a guest post, please fill in all your details in the contact form below.


    Guest Publications Enhance Website Content

    I’ve worked hard at making this a great website and building up a solid following. In the process, I have learned how guest publications can enrich and enhance content. Additionally, by publishing the work of others, your website gets additional exposure and your readership increases. Thankfully, I have had great submissions from a wide variety of renowned bloggers, all of whom have taught me more about blogging and drawn more readers to my website.

    In turn, all guest bloggers – novice or professionals – have accessed 17,000 new readers and enjoyed a better profile and higher online visibility.

    Even my readers win through guest publication, as the content is greatly enriched with every new contribution I publish.

    Guest Post Topic and Possible Titles

    Naturally, I like to receive submissions on parenting. Please take a look at the possible topics:

    • Blogging
    • Family Holidays and Weekends
    • Food and Recipes
    • Health and Medicine
    • Home Sweet Home
    • Gardening
    • Pets
    • Lifestyle
    • Parenting Tips
    • Children Education
    • Newborns
    • Pregnancy Advice
    • Teens
    • Toddlers
    • Photography Tips

    Novice bloggers may find it difficult to come up with a title. Take a look at these samples:

    • The Pros and Cons of Sleep Training
    • Is Homeschooling a Viable Option?
    • Flu Home Remedies for Kids

    The Therapeutic Side of Blogging

    Blogging has been incredibly therapeutic for me. I guess psychologists have long suggested that writing is a good way to process thoughts and emotions as well as clear the mind. In my case, blogging got me to use my brain again and the accompanying research has been truly educational. There is no doubt in my mind about the value of blogging and I would sincerely recommend it to everyone.

    What Submitting a Guest Post Will Do For You

    There are several perks to submitting a guest post for publication, regardless of whether you are a pro or a beginner.

    • Excellent Exposure: My website now gets 17,000 unique monthly hits and so will your guest post
    • Blogging Experience and Collaboration: You will gain valuable blogging experience and get the opportunity to work with me and my team. If you are a novice, we will be glad to support you. I’ve also loved working with prominent bloggers and learning from these greats.
    • Links, Highlights and Strong Bios: We like to tell our readers all we can about our guest bloggers and make sure our readers visit their websites and blogs. Links are highlighted and accompany a strong writer bio.

    How to Submit a Post for Guest Publication

    You may send us a completed post, title or idea by using the form below. Once we receive your message, we will reply and start the discussions. We may proceed to select a publication date immediately or help you prepare a top-quality post.

    In the process, we’ll get to know each other and work together. From start to publication, the process is very enjoyable and highly educational.

    Our readers often contact us to thank us for guest publications. Some comment directly on guest posts. We sincerely hope to count you among our guest contributors and look forward to publishing your quality post.

    Don’t ever think you are not up to it, everyone has to start somewhere and this might just be the chance you have been waiting for.