Technology Must Haves in 2019 to Make a Mum’s Life Easier

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It is fair to say that mums have a very tough and seemingly relentless job. Especially though who tend to a lot of the daily chores around the house. Luckily, with all the developments in technology, from smart devices for the home to wearables, there are plenty of items out there that can help to make a mum’s life much easier. In the following post, we look at five of our favourites.

Activity Trackers/Fit Bit

Wearable technology is everywhere these days and just increases with popularity every year. One of the undisputed stars of the activity tracker section of the market is the Fit Bit. Although there are many other options out there, this is definitely one of the most popular. Incredibly easy to use, these are worn from the start of the day right through to night time, and can actually be worn as you sleep too.

It is an easy way to keep track of how much working out you’ve done during the day, as it keeps track of the steps you’ve walked, the distance you’ve travelled and a rough estimate of the calories you’ve burned. We like this a lot because if you don’t attend a gym or have a structured exercise regime, it’s a great way to get insight into the exercise you are doing when you are not even trying.

Smart Wireless Thermostats

One area of tech that has really come on leaps and bounds in the last few years is smart devices like wireless thermostats. These handy little devices can be used in conjunction with your central heating system and give you wireless control over the heat in your home. You simply sync it up to your mobile phone and then use the accompanying app to alter the temperature of your home wherever you are.

So, if you are on the school run in the afternoon during winter and want to ensure you and your kids come home to a hot home, you can with a smart thermostat. There are many different models to choose from, check out these smart wireless thermostats, that are considered to be the best.

Amazon Echo/Google Home

Rather than getting into a debate about what’s better, we’ll leave that for you to decide among yourselves. What we wanted to do though, was highlight these amazing gadgets. It would have been easy to dismiss these when they first surfaced, and to be honest, many did. However, they are not only fun and great ways to listen to music, search Google and hear jokes, but can also serve as great personal assistants. You can set audio reminders and alarms, to ensure you never miss a meeting or appointment.

Smart Doorbells

Yes, even doorbells come in ‘smart’ form now. You may have seen them advertised, but even if you haven’t, the basic premise is simple – they are wired up to a webcam-CCTV system that lets you know who is at your door, wherever you are. So, if you are at the office, or just waking up from dreamland, you will know who is at your door and why. Actually, a lot handier than it may at first sound.