Teens and the Social Stigma Attached to the Cold Sore

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Category: Health and Medicine

As if trying to adjust to the bodily changes induced by puberty isn’t enough to deal with, teenagers are very likely to be faced with having to deal with the stigma surrounding a very possible cold sore outbreak.

While the hormonal imbalances and seemingly confused body developments can be dealt with, as every teenager probably holds common knowledge of what to expect, a cold sore outbreak on the other hand, which can be very severe in some cases, rather unfairly carries a stigma it does not deserve. The reason for all the confusion and subsequent stigma can be understood somewhat, as the outward appearance of a cold sore may resemble that of some sexually transmitted infections and subsequently get associated with being ‘unclean’.

Justified within reason or otherwise, especially with regards to the many health challenges teenagers are faced with today, this misconception surrounding the cold sore is as a result of a general lack of information. Wanting to promptly get rid of a cold sore is nonetheless a desire which understandably develops very frequently, under which circumstances a number of cold sore remedies may come under consideration.

What many teens need to understand though is that the stigma surrounding cold sores is unfounded, as the cold sore is more common than what might have been previously thought. The cold sore is in fact caused by the herpes simplex I virus, which infects most people very early on in their lives (preschool years) and is not nearly as bad as it sounds.

The virus is very easily and commonly transmitted through a simple kiss, sharing a glass or even using the same utensils as someone who carries an active cold sore infection. The virus has been known to lie dormant in the body for up to an entire lifetime, erupting in response to common triggers such as exhaustion, stress and even over-exposure to the sun. In females, menstruation has also been identified as a possible trigger.

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