The Best Art Supplies for Children

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High-quality art materials encourage creativity and responsibility among kids. What’s more, children get motivated to create amazing art when they have the right supplies. While there are tons of art supplies to choose from, the basic ones are essential. Here are the best art materials for children.


Beeswax Crayons

Beeswax crayons are vibrant and gorgeous for drawing and painting. Plus, these crayons are easy to hold and use due to their triangular shape. Beeswax crayons are eco-friendly and safe, especially for kids who bite on things.

Depending on preference, they come in different colours that your kid can choose. Beeswax crayons come in thin and long versions for comfort while using them.


Coloured Pencils

Coloured pencils can work on any type of paper. These art supplies are ideal for kids of all ages. They also come in triangular shapes for a comfortable grip. Essentially, coloured pencils are essential for left-handed children and beginners due to ease of use.

A set of these pencils features different tones for your kid to explore their imagination. Coloured pencils fall into the following categories:

  • Oil-based
  • Wax-based
  • Water-based



An artist needs paper to draw, colour, write, or paint, depending on the project at hand. There are different types of paper, including:

  • Card stock
  • Canvas
  • Cardboard
  • Watercolour paper
  • Construction paper

You can source these products from a paper supplier to ensure kids bring out their creativity. They come in diverse shapes, sizes, and textures to match the task. For instance, card stock goes well with coloured pencils, crayons, and markers.



A set of paintbrushes is a critical collection for all kids. These art supplies are suitable when using watercolour, acrylic, or tempera paints. The ideal paintbrush should be durable and easy to clean. In addition to that, quality paintbrushes come with a sponge to change the texture if need be.

Paintbrushes allow children to work on their art projects and blend the colours. They are easy to hold without creating a huge mess.



Modelling and sculpting are crucial parts of art that kids enjoy. You can choose clay in arrays of colours and textures to meet your children’s specifications. Also, non-toxic products are available since kids can chew on clay.

For effortless modelling, plasticine is the best material to consider. It is soft and mouldable at the same time. 


Glue and Masking Tape

An art project, such as a paper collage, needs glue to complete it. Also, squeezing glue is something children enjoy doing. Kids can use safe products like glue sticks, white paste, and white glue. These types of glue dry up pretty fast and offer a neat finish.

On the other side, kids can use masking tape to create a masterpiece. You might want to choose coloured masking tapes to brighten the artwork. Kids can play with these colours on cardboard. You can also pick printed tapes with different patterns and shapes.

The best art supplies for children offer them a chance to learn and boost confidence. The list above makes art fun and engaging.