The Best Self-Driven Tools for Homeschooling

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Homeschooling can be difficult, especially if you don’t have the right tools available. One thing that’s important to do with homeschooling is to find tools that your child can use to learn on their own schedule. Trying to perfectly recreate a public school setting will likely lead to less-positive outcomes. Instead, you should be trying to create a school setting that’s individually-driven. Here are a few great self-driven tools that you can use for your homeschooling setup.

  1. Online Organizational Tools

Organizational tools should be an important first step of setting up a homeschooling system. There are many ways to set up an organizational process, but online organizational tools may be the most effective, especially in the modern age. You can craft an organizational setup that allows your children to set their own deadlines and stick to deadlines you impose, all within a single website or app.

  1. Guided YouTube Paths

YouTube is a huge help when it comes to educational tools. There are many experts on YouTube that make learning fun and easy. However, there are also many people disseminating misleading or completely untrue information. That’s why it’s important that you guide your children’s paths through YouTube. When your child expresses interest in a subject, for example, you can curate a playlist of educational and interesting videos that showcase only truthful information.

  1. Research Papers

A good way to push your child to do their own research on a subject is to assign research papers. If your child expresses interest in a specific subject, consider assigning a research paper on that subject, or on a particular piece of that subject. Then, give your child tools to uncover the information they might need to do a research paper. This way, your child learns the magic of research when it comes to a topic they’re genuinely interested in.

  1. Library Trips

The library is an incredible place to find information and amusement of all types. That’s why many families that homeschool utilize the library on a regular basis. You might want to make it a weekly or biweekly trip; whenever your children get all the way through the books they’ve already checked out, they can just check out some more books. Also, make sure your children keep track of their books; library fines may be a useful way to teach them to care for their things.

  1. Teaching and Learning Tools

Of course, you don’t have all the information you need to school your children on your own. That’s why there are so many teachers at a public school; it’s impossible for a single person to learn everything they need to teach every class. Teaching and learning tools, especially tools available online like OneClass, can be a massive benefit in this. With these tools, such as Homework Help and Online Tutoring, you can maximize your children’s learning abilities.


Allowing your children to drive their own education will do wonders in making sure their education sticks. One massive benefit homeschooling typically has over public schooling is that homeschool typically only has to cater to a few students at a time, whereas a public school may need to teach dozens of students at once. When you utilize some of these self-driven homeschooling tools, you’ll be able to maximize the benefits of homeschooling.