The Devil May Cry – The Adventure Video Game

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For those into Devil May Cry, you will already know that it is a video game adventure series in which demon hunter Dante tries to thwart the efforts of various demon invaders who are threatening the Earth. What you might not know is the range of merchandise that is available to buy relating to the game. This article will consider just what is out there, including a Devil May Cry Neon sign made by Neon Mama.

Devil May Cry Neon Sign

What better present can there be to buy someone, or for someone to treat themselves with, than a Devil May Cry Neon Sign to adorn the bedroom where the gamer sits and plays the adventure video game of the same name? It will be something to complement playing the game and look good at the same time.

You can recreate the lights of Las Vegas and add atmosphere to a room by having it in complete darkness except for a neon sign that lights it up. A gamer will have the screen that lights up, too, and their computer keyboard or game controller that illuminates for effect and practical purpose.

We can spend a lot of time in our bedrooms on video games, so it will prove to be an item that is well used and worth the expense. Fellow gamers who visit our home will admire it. Everyone will feel in the right mood for the game after seeing your Devil May Cry Neon Sign light up. This can be in pink, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, or white. Whatever fits in with the design scheme of your bedroom or your taste. Different genders may have different preferences, too.

If you already have a neon sign, you may want this one to match or go for a different shade of illumination. The signs also come in different sizes to suit different rooms. You can choose from 50cm, 75cm, 100cm, 150cm, or 200cm. A large one really could look impressive if you have the largest bedroom in the house. A larger size would suit commercial premises selling the game, too. Everyone will then know that the game is being sold there.

As a gamer, as much as you will want the latest version of a game, you will want all the merchandise that relates to that game, too.


You can purchase clothing, such as t-shirts, with the Devil May Care images on them. These can be Gothic devil-like images and character pictures or the words Devil May Care as in the neon sign. You can absorb yourself in the game at times when you are not even playing it. Others will see your clothing, as they see the sign inside your bedroom, and know that you are into Devil May Cry. It will be a talking point. This is how gamers socialize with those that are of a similar mind and just get gaming, while others wonder what the fuss is all about.

It has been proven that gaming gives you transferrable skills for the work situation, so why not display that you have those skills with a neon sign illuminated for all to see, and a t-shirt that backs up that message when you are out and about. A plain t-shirt is of no use when it comes to showing off our hobbies and attracting others to us who feel the same about it.


As another accessory for your bedroom or a settee downstairs, there is the Devil May Care cushion. This can come with the same images and text relating to the adventure video game as the t-shirts do. You can cozy up to a loved one and fellow gamer with that cushion. You can create a real gaming vibe in your bedroom. You may even attract someone to gaming who never cared much for it before. Devil May Cry and all its merchandise have the potential to achieve that. It is a fascinating and thrilling game and experience to be a part of.

So, for all Devil May Cry video game fans out there, you have neon signs to illuminate your bedroom and house, clothing to further spread the message of your like for the game, and a cushion to make your bedroom feel cozy to fellow gamers in love with the game as much as you.