The Multiple Ways That Bergamot Mint Essential Oil Can be Used

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Bergamot mint essential oil shouldn’t be confused with another common essential oil called “bergamot orange.” It is an entirely unique oil from a different plant that has its own special scent and properties. This article will address some of them at length, especially pertaining to its emotional and physical health benefits.


Mood Boosting Properties


Those who suffer from anxiety and depression can use bergamot mint essential oil to boost their mood. It is a much safer option than dangerous prescription drugs because it doesn’t have any known harmful side effects when it is used properly. The oil works by relaxing the central nervous system, so a person feels calmer and more positive.


Upper Respiratory Relief


Since bergamot mint essential oil comes from the mint family of plants, it naturally contains a substance called “menthol.” Menthol helps open up the lungs and nasal passages, which relieves congestion in the upper respiratory system. But the amount of menthol that bergamot mint has is minimal, so it works more gently than peppermint or spearmint. A quick way to use it is to simmer the oil in an oil warmer, then breathe in its scent for a few minutes. Or it can be dabbed onto a cotton ball, then held under the nose.


Reduction in Stomach Ailments


Bergamot mint essential oil helps to relieve nausea, indigestion, and other stomach ailments. This makes it perfect for bad cases of morning sickness or food poisoning. However, it works best when it is combined with other stomach medications.


Natural Deodorizer


Most deodorants sold in the store contain parabens and aluminum that are harmful to the health. So many people are turning to natural substitutes to reduce body odor. A combination of baking soda, shea oil, and bergamot essential oil are mixed together to create a solid deodorant stick to use under the arms. This natural deodorant can be made at home, then placed inside an old deodorant container for easy application.


Inflammation Reducer


Bergamot mint has a citrus scent. But it also contains notes that are similar to lavender. Because of this, it works as well as this flower does to reduce inflammation and swelling in the muscles and joints. To use this essential oil for inflammation, it has to be mixed with a carrier oil that is easily absorbed into the skin, such as almond oil. A good ratio to try is one drop of the essential oil of bergamot mint for every one teaspoon of almond oil. Once mixed together, it should be applied sparingly to the palms of the hands before it is rubbed into the area that is inflamed.


Dry Skin


Chapped, dry skin on the hands or feet can be soothed with a bit of this essential oil. Just add a drop of it into a couple of spoonfuls of melted coconut oil, then rub it into the skin. It can also be used on the face, but the eyes and lips must be avoided because it could irritate the delicate membranes.