The Secret behind My Instagram Account Explosion Revealed

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The plan was never to be any kind of social media star or mega influencer, but it sure helps to bump up the follower numbers. My Instagram account got a major boost, which had me in for the receipt of a nice range of household goods and personal items to try and review.

I’m more than willing to share my “secret” behind the explosion of my account, because you’re going to hear about it in any case. You might as well here it from me if you don’t already know about GetInsta!

So GetInsta is an application with compatibility across all common platforms, one of which is Windows. I must admit I do indeed use my computer for Instagram (I use developer tools to simulate using a mobile device so that I can post), but you don’t need to use the app on the same device you use your Instagram account with.

The app is easy to download and install, with the installation passing the safety test since you don’t get that message asking you if you trust the software vendor or not. It installs quickly and easily enough, after which time you register with an email address, verify that email and add as many Instagram accounts to the app as you want engagement for.

I was going for the likes as opposed to building up a following, but you can get free Instagram likes or followers to your heart’s content.

Well, okay, there is a little catch, if you can call it that. That catch is that you have to essentially participate in the tasks allocated to you via the app, which basically include liking posts presented to you and/or following other people’s Instagram accounts.

As I said, I was going more for the likes, simply because for potential sponsors the posts which are “liked” represent engagement. These brands often want to work with “influencers” who have an active audience, which is indeed possible through bumping up the number of followers. I just personally chose to go with the likes and I’m more than willing to follow people’s accounts to get more “coins” that I can go on to exchange for likes.

You know the followers you gather or the likes you rack-up are real, because on the other end of those engagements are people just like you who are also using the same app. Sooner or later some of those “paid” engagements will constitute people who genuinely have an interest in your content and your account, so the retention rate is pretty high. Someone who likes one or more of your posts can go on to become a follower, after which action they’ll likely engage in more of your content in future.

That’s pretty much it. That’s my secret to the recent explosion in the numbers associated with my Instagram account. The other part of the secret is simply a focus on a specific niche, which is the one around what I blog about right here. I don’t cast the net too wide, focussing more on quality than quantity.