The Secrets to Becoming a Happy and Fulfilled Mother

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Being a mother is a taxing activity, especially if your children are still young and require your undivided attention. You have to balance through the hustle and bustle of taking the kids to school, doing your house chores, going to work, grabbing groceries and many other errands that come with motherhood.

Most mothers find themselves stretched and utterly exhausted as they try to balance their children’s lives and theirs. As much as moms are referred to as the CEO (Chief of Everything) by Lara Galloway, co-author of Mom Means Business, sometimes they have to deal with more than they can chew.

Amid the chaos and commotion, many mothers spend most of their time trying to make their children happy, forgetting about themselves. They find themselves in an autopilot mode juggling through different motions daily. Here are the key secrets of becoming a happy and fulfilled mother, amidst all the uproar:

  • Spare time for sleep and meditation

Most mothers are usually working round the clock and hardly have time for themselves. With 24 hours a day, you should create time for meditation and ensure you get sufficient sleep no matter how busy your schedule is.

To get enough sleep, you need to invest in a quality mattress and the best bamboo sheets. These eco-friendly sheets are soft, comfortable, and worth every penny you spend. When you sleep well, you get to relax, rest, and rejuvenate your body. You get the inner strength to capitalize on during the meditation, which can help release the stresses and pressures your body goes through.

  • Find out what brings you joy

Take time to meditate and think about your life to know what makes you happy and what annoys you. If getting unique gifts for your kids during Christmas brings joy to your life, make sure to maximize such opportunities. Find out the things that bring joy to your life and list them down. Work on the list as you incorporate them into your daily activities.

To be a happy and fulfilled mother, you must hold yourself accountable for ensuring you work on the list daily. Start with the small things as you work towards the larger things that may require more time investment and other resources.

  • Practice self-awareness

Juggling the circus of your children’s lives is the order of the day for many mothers. With their busy and tight schedules, they hardly notice themselves. Mothers need to practice self-awareness to know how to cope with different environments and situations.

Self-awareness enables them to be conscious of the moods, feelings, thoughts, and behavior. Becoming present and self-aware gives them a deeper understanding of their needs, wants, desires, and values.

  • Go with the flow

As much as motherhood can taxing and finding time to relax may seem impossible, sometimes it is best to go with the flow. You do not need to be uptight on a strict schedule, even when things change.

To be a happy and fulfilled mother, you need to understand that not everything is cast in stone. If the mood surrounding you is humor and laughter, embrace it and go with the flow.

  • Find support from a group of friends and family members

Mothers go through different experiences and also share similar ones. All mothers have a story to tell, and through supportive friends and family members, the stresses and pressures of motherhood become easier.

Ensure to identify a good support group of like-minded mothers where you can share ideas and develop practical solutions to parenting and motherhood.

  • Work with a schedule

One of the mistakes that most mothers make is working without a to-do list. When you try to juggle up many things at once, you end up performing poorly and not meeting your objectives. It is appropriate to work with a schedule for effective time management to achieve positive results.

Make a list of the things to be done as you prioritize what comes first. It becomes easier for you to perform all your activities and effectively meet your goals. Being a “Chief of Everything” in your family may put pressure on your back to deliver. The ideal way to beat this is by working with a reasonable schedule that enables you to meet or exceed your goals.

It is common for mothers to compare themselves to other mothers thinking they are performing below expectations. The most important thing to motherhood is being happy and fulfilled, and the pointers above can steer any mom in that direction.