The Wholesome Approach to Addressing Insomnia

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Counting sheep may have helped you put your insomnia to bed a couple of times – perhaps the last time you couldn’t sleep too, but you have some more pressing underlying issues to have to attend to if you’re struggling to get some shut-eye on a more regular basis. While there are plenty of options to pursue in addressing your insomnia, the best approach is a wholesome one, which means you’d endeavour to keep everything you do in aid of the process as natural as possible.

Don’t take sleeping pills

Whether you have them in your medicine cabinet or indeed if you’d have to dress up to go out and get them, either way, sleeping pills epitomise one of the biggest problems perpetuated by the pharmaceutical industry. That’s of course the problem of creating some kind of dependency within patients, so that you have to keep taking some kind of medication or undergoing treatment in order to temporarily address the medical issue you’re having.

Sleeping pills can be very addictive. If you absolutely have to get some emergency sleep, perhaps if you have a big day lined up the next day or something like that, vow to only ever take sleeping pills once and once only! Resist the urge to stock up on an entire month’s supply or anything like that. Rather buy them in the required single-dose…

Addressing the here-and-now

For the most part, if you’re suffering from insomnia, it’s likely a psychological issue. It could very well be a deeper, underlying physical or medical issue, but insomnia and overcoming it pretty much epitomises the belief that the mind is more powerful than the body. Consequently, your mind is likely over-stimulated and is in a state that is miles away from where it needs to be in order to trigger the need to sleep. So you might as well make the most of this extra time you have awake.

Use that time to prepare for the following workday, or perhaps work on whatever it is which is keeping you awake. If that involves anything to be done on your computer, make sure to use the night light feature.

This is of course just a temporary solution, which can work really well once or twice, otherwise you’ll have to go deeper to address the root cause of your insomnia.

Effecting lifestyle adjustments

If the lack of sleep is affecting your daily life in a big way that effectively requires it to be managed ASAP, use natural remedies to aid in its alleviation. Greyhound Chromatography offers some great insights into the use of cannabidiol (CBD), which can make for a more organic supplement with which to address your insomnia, otherwise you’ll have to find other natural, complementary ways to make a lifestyle adjustment. Wake up earlier in the morning, perhaps, in addition to switching up your exercise regime (or starting one if you don’t exercise).

Do a detox and switch up your diet as well, to incorporate more whole foods and eliminate as many processed foods as you can.

If a prolonged effort as laid out above still doesn’t seem to solve the problem, it might be time to get the expert opinion of a medical professional specialising in the area of sleep.