Things That Shouldn’t Be Stored in a Storage Unit

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Ah, the joys of decluttering! As we all sift through our treasures (and let’s be honest, sometimes junk), it’s tempting to shove everything into a storage unit and forget about it. After all, self-storage units are like magical black holes, right? Dump stuff in, and voila – instant space in your home. But while storage units are an excellent solution for myriad storage woes, there are some things you should think twice about before stowing away.


It might seem like common sense, but things like gasoline, propane, oils, and certain types of fertilisers shouldn’t call your storage unit home. These materials can be explosive, corrosive, or flammable. Imagine making a simple mistake, like accidentally knocking over a container, leading to a storage unit catastrophe. Not a fun day.


Foods, especially perishable ones, are storage unit no-nos. Why? They attract pests. No one wants to return to their unit to find it’s become the hottest rat hangout spot. Even canned foods, over time, can burst or become compromised, leading to a mess.


Illegal Items, This one’s a no-brainer. If it’s illegal outside of the storage unit, it’s illegal inside the unit. This includes stolen goods, unlicensed weapons, and illicit drugs. Not only could you lose your storage unit privileges, but you could also face legal consequences.


Storing essential documents like passports, wills, or deeds can be risky unless your storage facility offers climate-controlled and high-security units. These items are best kept in a safe deposit box or a secure place in your home.


While plants might seem harmless, a storage unit can be a death sentence. Without sunlight, water, and proper ventilation, your green friends will wither away. Plus, they can attract bugs and pests.


What’s Safe to Store?


While there are items that should be kept out of storage units, a myriad of things can be safely and efficiently stored.


Whether it’s that antique dresser from grandma or the futon from your college days, furniture finds a comfortable spot in storage units. Just make sure to clean and cover them properly. Got gadgets galore? From gaming consoles to TVs, electronics can be stored as long as you ensure they’re protected from extreme temperatures and moisture.


Those boxes of holiday decorations that clutter your garage for eleven months? They’re perfect candidates for self-storage. Seasonal clothing or those special occasion outfits can find a neat spot in your storage unit. Just make sure they’re clean and packed in protective containers.


Are you a keen gardener but your garden shed is busting at the seems, then self storage is excellent for that too.  Students can also benefit from using self storage units to keep their property safe when moving home at term time.

Benefits of Using Self Storage

So why are so many turning to self-storage? For starters, it’s an instant space creator. Suddenly, that second bedroom isn’t a junk room but an actual guest bedroom. Also, storage units are perfect for those in transition—moving homes, heading off to college, or even travelling long-term.


Furthermore, with the rise of climate-controlled units, many items previously at risk (like artwork or musical instruments) now have a safe storage space, free from the perils of fluctuating temperatures and humidity.