Things You Need to Know Before Renovating a House

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Renovating a house can be an exciting endeavour as you potentially breathe new life into an old property or add a new extension so that it better suits your lifestyle. Unlike building a new home, you’re not able to start from a blank canvas, meaning that undertaking a successful renovation requires skill, patience, and planning. Renovating can be complex and be prone to many issues and expenses that can sometimes turn a renovation into challenging ordeal. Here are some useful points people need to know before they embark on a renovation project.

Survey the Building Before Your Purchase It

A building survey is vital before any renovation project begins, as these will be able to highlight any major issues the property might have, such as problems like dealing with damp or structural movement, which can suggest that a renovation is going to be pretty costly. A building survey typically costs between £500 to over £1000 depending on the size, location, and age of the house. It’s a good way to figure out the health of a house, but there are still some hard to discover problems that surveys can’t uncover that might present themselves as you begin your renovation.

Get the Right Equipment

When renovating, it’s best to be prepared, and the best way to do that is to stock up with all the tools you need. Even if you’re using contractors to do the bulk of the work for you, it can be handy to have some stuff yourself, as there will be instances where crucial pieces of equipment are forgotten. Be sure to get everything you need for installation, electrical rewiring, sealing, tiling and more from Tradefix Direct.

Don’t Dive Straight In

It can be enticing to go into a renovation project once planning permission comes through, especially if you plan to live in the house during the renovation. Although no one wants to be living in a building site for longer than necessary, taking the time to pause and evaluate before you start work can pay off. This time allows you to plan and thoroughly prepare carefully. It also allows you to get to know the house, such as learn which rooms get the most natural sunlight and which ones you gravitate towards. These can inform your proposed layout for the renovated building, and help you build a better understanding of what you want to do.

Budget for Gas, Heating and Electrics

When renovating an older house, the likelihood is that something within the property is going to have to be updated. In terms of electrics, be sure to look out for old fuse boxes, light switches, or round pin plugs as these will have to be changed. Rewiring a three-bedroom house will cost anything between £3000-£4000, so make sure you have that in your budget.

It’s important to be on the lookout for radiators within the property, as a lack of them will indicate that there might not be a central heating system, which isn’t great. Adding an entirely new heating system can set you back between £3500 – £5000 and can be even more in a lot of cases. Both of these instances must be budgeted for, and even if it turns out, things are good, then that money can be used elsewhere to enhance the renovation.