Tips for Designing a New Home for a Growing Family

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Designing a new home is exciting, to say the least. Having say over the size, functionality and features of your home is a luxury that should not be taken for granted. However, with that excitement comes a few unique challenges. For a family, especially, being able to design a home that is flexible, comfortable and meets the needs of both adults and children is vital.

Below we explore some of the key tips for designing a new home that can adapt to the needs of a growing family.

Create Functional, Well-Connected Areas

Designing a home with kids in mind takes a different level of planning. Depending on what ages your kids are, it is a good idea to create rooms that interlink and are well connected. For example, an open-plan kitchen that feeds out into the living room is ideal for keeping an eye on children and maintaining a sense of unity. You may also want to create open-plan rooms that connect to the garden or outside space so that both kids and adults can come and go as they please.

Include Extra Storage Space

It is no secret that children grow fast, and with that growth comes the need for additional space. As your family evolves – and as kids mature and grow taller – your space requirements will shift, too. Where possible, create additional storage space for disused items such as toys and clothing, as well as for new items that may join the household as hobbies and activities change. This includes things like sports and music equipment, electronics and more.

Design Flexibly

In the same way that you design with extra storage space in mind, you may want to make the bedrooms flexible as well. If you have built a forever home, or one in which you intend to stay for many years, accommodating the growth and needs of your kids is key. The kind of bedroom an 8-year old wants will change when they turn 15, for example. Ensure that the room is flexibly designed so that you can add features down the line such as adaptable bedding, new colour schemes, artwork and space to host teenage friends.

Aim for Comfort

Comfort is usually at the top of the list when it comes to designing your home, but getting this right requires considering the needs of your family. Are you an active family or one that enjoys lounging around? If it’s the latter, have you thought about designing cosy spaces that feature comfortable furniture, warm upright radiators and plenty of space for relaxing? Or are you a family of tech experts who spend a lot of time on computers or consoles? In that case, you might want to design areas that accommodate the use of these devices. When it comes to comfort, considering the needs and primary activities of your family is vitally important.

Above are just a few things to bear in mind when designing a new family home. If you’ve got children and you’re planning to stay in your home for a long time, remember to think about how needs and activities might change. Then your new home will be fit for purpose. Happy designing!