Tips For Flying With Young Children

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Traveling with children is something that families do every day.  Although flying with small children is never something that anyone necessarily looks forward to, it is something that has to be done sometimes.  Whether you are visiting relatives or simply going on a vacation, sometimes you have to factor the little ones into your travel plans.

There are a few tricks for making it a less stressful experience.  There are plenty of people that manage to get by with less hassle and here is how they do it.

Bring Plenty Of Activities

Airplanes are small confined spaces which can drive a little one up the walls wanting to break free and run wherever they want.  Their boundless energy in a small space like this can lead to injury or altercations with other passengers, so make sure that you bring lots of activities to keep them entertained.

Activities can vary depending on how old they are.  For younger children, tactile activities which are changed every 20-30 minutes will keep their attention for a certain amount of time.  You can also engage them with books, songs, and their favorite stuffed animals.

For older children, you can always opt for the tried and true power of the iPad.  While this can turn into a bad habit when abused, it can be your best friend on a long plane trip. Download a few videos and games and do your best to keep your little one engaged.

Natural Sleep Syrup

There are certain homeopathic sleep syrups out there which are recommended for children of a certain age.  If you give a little of this under your doctor’s recommendation then you may be able to get your child to take a nice long nap on the flight.

If you are extremely lucky you may be able to sleep at the same time.  When you are on a flight to a destination in a different time zone this can be especially helpful since kids with jet lag are not fun.

Offer Ear Plugs To Nearby Passengers

If you have an extremely young infant who you anticipate might do a fair share of crying during the flight, you may just have to accept that this is the way it is and buy a few packs of earplugs to hand out to nearby passengers.  

This doesn’t assure that everyone will be compassionate, but most people will appreciate the gesture and have a soft spot for your tough situation. It is better to make a gesture than none at all.

Remember This Won’t Last Forever

When you are on the flight and your little one is screaming, trying to run in circles, or refuses to sleep and you feel the stress starting to overtake your body, try to remind yourself that it won’t last forever.  This is only one chapter in their lives and you will make it through this.  So breathe deep, and try to remain calm.