Tips For Moving With Kids

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Moving is stressful, no doubt. Moving with children makes things more difficult especially when you’re leaving the state or country. While there is no one-size-fits-all method for getting children ready to get on board with the move, there are a few tips that might be helpful. Keep reading to find out more. 

3 Steps to Ease the Process When You’re Moving with Kids 

People experience separation anxiety when they feel like they are being separated from a person or things of sentimental value. The same applies to children. If you haven’t, take some time to talk with the children and help them deal with any fears they might have about the move. Although many people overlook this step, getting the children prepared -and even excited- before a move can speed up the rest of the process.

Step Two : Making The Move

Knowing how kids can be, they might need more time and help to sort between their things and be ready for the move. They can’t do it alone so you will have to help. 

1. Dedicate a Week to the Move

Getting the children to be excited about the move depends on your attitude. You need to be enthusiastic about it if you want your kids to be excited too. Circle a week on your calendar and make sure they can see it months ahead. Let them prepare their minds to move when the time is up. Seeing the deadline gives them something to be excited about.

2. Start Preparations Months Ahead 

Even though you have dedicated a whole week to packing up and moving, start packing up slowly months ahead of time. This way, the kids will be fully prepared and you will not forget anything. Also, leave out a few toys till you’re sure you’re ready to move so the toddlers have something to play with.

3. Sort and Label The Boxes

After gathering enough boxes to move, ask the kids to assist you in sorting them and putting similar items together. Putting together the boxes for bathroom or kitchen items would make locating them easier. You can make it more fun for the younger children by allowing them to label the boxes or draw designs on them. Get them involved in the moving process. 

4. Get Read of Irrelevant Items 

In most cases, kids pack things they don’t even need, and this could mean less space for the more important things. Go through their things (especially helpful for the younger ones) and sort through everything thoroughly. The older kids might not need as much help as the younger ones but you may still need to help them with sorting. Talk to them about donating their old toys, clothes, books, and other irrelevant items to charity or friends.

5. Pack Overnight Supplies For Everyone

If you’re not sure how long it would take for you to arrive, gather supplies for everyone. You should also gather supplies if you’ll be spending the night somewhere away from home. Make sure to pack a bag for each person so they have their supplies when they need them. Toothbrushes, toothpaste, some underwear and a change of clothes should do it.

6. Keep Things Exciting

Kids get bored easily, and younger kids tend to act out when they are bored. They may become cranky, start crying or become unusually anxious. Make sure they are entertained throughout the trip. You could ask them to brainstorm on how they would like to decorate their rooms, how they will make friends in their new school, etc. This isn’t just a conversation starter, it’s also a way to ease them into the reality of their new home.

7. Allow Them Express Their Grief

Moving is never easy, and kids often don’t know how to properly deal with it. So, they lash out. When they’re yelling and crying about how unfair it is, or how they’re gonna miss their friends, don’t stop them. It would also do a world of good if you let them know that you would miss a lot of things too. However, assure them that moving is best for the family. After talking to them, give them the time to say their goodbyes. It might seem counterproductive, but it helps them get some closure before they go.

Step Three : Adjustment After the new Move

Immediately after you and your family have settled in, help the kids adjust to their new life. Help them decorate their rooms and assure them that things would be okay if they still feel unsettled. Moving is psychologically draining, give your kids time to adjust.


If there is anything you can do to make the move less stressful for your kids, do it. Hire the services of a professional home removal company like if that’s what you need. Try not to stress yourself out too. Always keep snacks ready, sing along to the radio, look at the scenery, and be creative about it.