Tips for Parents: Practicing and Preaching Doctor’s Office Etiquette

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The only true way that your kids can learn how to behave in public properly is by observing the rules that you lay down for them and following your own example.

Visiting your doctor for an appointment is a classic scenario where your kids probably have to come with you, and they could easily start misbehaving because they are bored and don’t fully appreciate the need to think about others affected by their unruliness.

Here is a look at how to instill compliant and good behavior into your child’s psyche, and some tips to help keep bad behavior and boredom at bay while you are waiting. Including a strategy to improve the appointment process, and some tips on how to prepare and entertain your child while you are there.

Tedium can lead to tantrums

Most of us don’t enjoy sitting in a waiting room for any length of time until your name is called, especially if you or your child are not exactly feeling that good anyway.

It goes without saying that if you have to wait for any period of time beyond your scheduled appointment, tedium and tempers become an ever-increasing prospect unless you learn to suppress those emotions and show your kids how to practice restraint in those circumstances.

Try to remember that doctor’s appointments are not a precise science and the consultation for the patient before you could easily overrun just as yours could when it is your turn.

It would be only fair to remember that fact and explain to your kids why waiting for your turn can take longer than anticipated.

Manage your appointment

You can help reduce the prospect of a delay by giving the receptionist a more detailed account of what you need to see the doctor about so that they can schedule the right appointment time appropriate for your needs.

If you have made an appointment for your child and a visit to the doctor is old enough to understand what is going on, it often helps to explain to your child what is going to happen when you arrive at the doctors and when they are being examined.

Give them the confidence and courage to talk to the doctor about how they are feeling and if they are going to need an injection, it is often a good idea to prepare them for that even, so they don’t get so stressful and poor behaved when you get to the doctor’s office.

Not a place for noise

The waiting room is not a place for noisy phones or kids, as it disturbs the other patients and is considered disrespectful.

It is a difficult situation to contend with if you have young children as they don’t find it that easy to keep the volume down or keep quiet altogether.

If you put your phone on silent you could let them play with a couple of suitable apps that are not too distracting and could help to calm and distract them.

An Android app for coloring could be a good choice as kids love the chance to do some coloring and it is an activity that helps to relax them, which is what you ideally want in the doctor’s office.

It is not always that easy to keep your kids calm and well behaved in such a sterile environment where every noise seems to be amplified, but if you manage to teach them the basics of waiting room etiquette and find a way to distract them, you might just get through it in one piece.