Tips To Encourage Better Communication in Your Family

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Category: Parenting Tips

Words and actions have a powerful effect on people both in positive and negative ways. In the family unit, it can be easy for these aspects to be miscommunicated, and when you’re all living together, it’s challenging to keep everything harmonious. It’s natural to have little spats every now and then. For the most part, families always love each other unconditionally despite the small arguments.

So to keep the momentum going strong, communication is key. Take a look at some of the things you can incorporate in your family to foster loving relationships, even in the most stressful situations.


They always say that honesty is always the best policy, and it’s true. While the truth in some situations can be disappointing, it still gives you a place to grow from. In some cases, the truth may also be challenging to say to avoid hurting someone’s feelings, but speaking with a soft and honest approach and bringing solutions to the table can help ease the situation.

Become a good listener

Listening is vital in any family unit, although it can be challenging to get full attention with the many distractions around you. A great place to trial listening skills is at the dinner table. Tell everyone to put their phones away and just sit and have a chat. It gives everyone a chance to talk and listen, even if it’s just about how their day went.

Be open

With busy family schedules and commitments, taking centre stage, it can be easy to bottle up emotions and issues. However, opening up can help to find solutions and manage feelings better. Other family members aren’t psychic either, so they may not know that you need help even if it’s just taking care of the chores or running the kids to school to get to an appointment. Asking for a hand is the best way to feel less stressed.

Chat to a professional

In some cases, you might need extra assistance with certain aspects of family life. To resolve issues, mediation can be a great solution. Experts such as Grant Stephens Family Law specialise in helping families solve problems calmly and constructively. Plus, if you need Welsh speaking solicitors, they can also assist.

Understand your family communication

It’s easy to become distracted when family members are communicating. So giving your full attention is a great way to understand fully what is being asked or experienced. There may also be times where it’s difficult to know what others are trying to communicate, so try the technique of repeating how you understand it back to them. If you didn’t quite get it, they’d explain again, and you can find a solution. It’s also important to respect other viewpoints, even if they are different from your own. There are a lot of rights and wrongs in the world, but this can depend on who you talk to, so respecting others’ thoughts and feelings while expressing your own can ease the situation.