Top 5 Ways to Bring the Passion back into Your Marriage

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We’ve got this gift of love, but love is like a precious plant. You can’t just accept it and leave it in the cupboard or just think it’s going to get on by itself. You’ve got to keep watering it. You’ve got to really look after it and nurture it.

  • John Lennon

Life being fluid as it is and so absolutely unpredictable, serves us situations we aren’t always ready to take in. This is when people we love most suffer most, and eventually – the relationship bares the risk of falling apart.

For all of you who have been victims of such situations, and yet – are aware how much you love your partner and want to bring the passion and need back to your marriage, we’re giving you a few tips that have proven very successful, on an individual level.

Be nurturing and gentle

The crazy busy lives we lead have changed the essence of our relationships in a sense that, we rarely ever stop and pay someone a compliment, a kind world or simply – kindness. Everything is rushed, forced and fast and in turn – our relationships are getting less and less committed.

Be gentle and nurturing with your partner, be loving and understanding. Remind them how needed, wanted and desirable they are. Help them grow back into their confidence and understand you are there for them – no matter what. Once their emotional balance is back, your sex life will automatically improve, too.

Listen to your partner

What we tend to forget is how important it is to listen to the people we love; not just hear the words they are saying but actually pay attention, process it and show support.

Both partners should show effort to put their current troubles aside and listen to what their significant others are telling them – whether it’s a personal problem, a problem at work or a general concern about the ongoing relationship. Only together you’ll be able to work things out, and once you do, and once both of your feel you have trust in one another – everything about your relationship will improve and you’ll go back to passionately loving and craving each other.

Experiment with new things

The base of life easily falls into a rut, without us even noticing it. Once extremely passionate couples tend to go from exciting to dull in just a few years and that’s something you shouldn’t let happen.

Explore your personal and your partner’s sex fantasies, talk about what’s turning you on, recreate hot situations that used to trigger the desire, use sex toys both of you are comfortable with. Explore your sexuality by stepping away from the mundane – a simple act of going down on each other, not as a type of foreplay into an intercourse but as the intercourse itself is such a turn on like you can’t even imagine! Naturally, the intercourse isn’t over until both parties have climaxed.

This type of openness with one another will definitely light up the fire again.

Make it exciting

Sex shouldn’t be something you do but something you desire to do; unless you go and try make it exciting, it’ll just become yet another errand on the list you do every other Wednesday. Eeek!

Surprise your partner with hugs from behind, lifting up her skirt easily (not violently or when the moment isn’t right) or unbuttoning his pants while he is watching the game. Surprise him by placing your hands close to his groin or by kissing her neck while she’s working. You’ll see what this will do!

Find personal time

The kids? Yes, we all love our kids immensely but they do tend to be indirect killers of our sex lives. Send the kids away to their friends or grandmum’s house once or twice a week and have some time alone with your partner. Go crazy! Have sex in the laundry room, in front of the TV, in the shower… remember what was like when it was just you two.

Everything about a relationship (at least one that’s based on love) is hard work; no matter how long you’ve been together or what type of relationship your commitment was, when two people invest in one another, everything is tough but just as equally beautiful. Work to make your relationship better.