Top 5 Ways to Make a Statement at Home

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When it comes to living in the same place day in and day out, life can feel pretty monotonous. Everyone needs a change in scenery now and then to help them appreciate what they have. Not many people can afford to splash out on a new home or costly renovations, luckily there are ways to jazz up the home without breaking the bank. Here are a few ways you can make a statement and breathe new life into your home.

Victorian Style Floor Tiles

One of the easiest ways to make a statement is by revamping your flooring and changing it up to Victorian style floor tiles is an excellent way to do it. Although replacing the flooring sounds like a huge expense, investing in a good product can save you money in the long run. High-quality floor tiles are durable, hard-wearing, and they are easy to clean too. Not to mention, you have an array of styles and designs to choose from. Whether you prefer traditional Victorian or Edwardian patterns, or you want a bespoke design, there are retailers that can help you pick the right tiles for your needs. For more information, visit

Conversation-Starting Artwork

Artwork in the home reflects the character of a homeowner and can add personality to a lifeless house. Art is incredibly personal, which makes it a meaningful decoration to add to your living space. It is excellent for personal enjoyment, but it also makes an excellent conversation starter during parties. Hang up artwork to decorate dull walls or display a standing piece in a prominent place in the home.

Decorative Stained Glass Windows

Add colour and elegance to your home with beautiful, stained glass windows. Stained glass can be used to elevate the ambience of a home and can often hold its own as the focal point of a room. Not to mention, stained glass is ideal for people who want a level of privacy but don’t want to compromise on light. For example, stained glass panels can be fitted to entry doors. They will allow light to shine in but will also stop people from peeping in.

Cosy Fireplace

The smell of wood and the sound of a crackling fire gives a home the feeling of warmth and comfort, which is why a cosy fireplace is an excellent addition to any home. These majestic features are both aesthetically pleasing and practical. They can help you stay warm in the colder months, but they also look great all year round. There are many designs to choose from, and you can even choose the type of fuel you wish to use too. Although wood-fired fireplaces are a classic choice, electric and flueless gas fireplaces can be equally attractive.

Add Greenery

Adding a natural touch to the home is a great way to liven it up. Leafy, green plants, such as snake plants and philodendrons, are low maintenance and can add a pop of colour to a room. Furthermore, they can oxygenate your space and make it healthier to live in.