Top Moving Tips for Mums

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Moving from one home to another is stressful enough as it is. Throw in a busy child or a tantrum-prone toddler (or both) and you’ve got yourself a pretty daunting challenge awaiting you! Luckily, the experience doesn’t have to be as exhausting or worrisome as you expect. Here are a handful of top tips to help streamline it from start to finish.

Start packing well ahead of time

Never leave all of the packing duties until the day before you are due to move, especially if you are a parent! Instead, start packing away decorative items and belongings that you do not use all that regularly at least a week or two ahead of D-day. Rent temporary storage space to help declutter the space and make it easier to navigate and clean. Also, take the time to create comprehensive lists of what you have placed in each box so that it is simpler to find anything that you might be looking for upon arrival at your new house.

Rope in an extra pair of hands

It is likely that you and your other half are going to be running around for most of the day, which can prove rather chaotic if one of you is trying to keep an eye on the kids at all times, too. Call on a close friend or one of their grandparents for an extra pair of hands to play with the children, make sure their tummies are full, or even help a bit with the last-minute packing.

Make sure that your chosen childminder keeps your little ones occupied, particularly when the movers are focusing on hauling the heavier or more fragile items into the truck, such as a treasured grand piano.

If you are moving objects like this, then roping in additional help can be extended to professional assistance, such as specialised transportation services. For instance, moving a piano is not always easy if you don’t know how to do so correctly and safely. Professional movers will handle the job with care, focus, and precision to avoid causing any damage to the instrument, so call in expert help for more specific, heavy items.

Stop for a few minutes to give them your undivided attention

Your little ones are likely to feel just as overwhelmed as you do throughout the moving process. Take a few minutes here and there to give them a cuddle and reassure them that everything is going according to plan. This should assist in avoiding any meltdowns along the way.

Get them involved

Children love to help, as well as imitate their parents. If they want to take part, allow them to handle the smaller, less important chores, such as packing their toys into boxes or getting some simple cleaning done. You might have to touch up their work a bit, but at least you know that the task will keep them busy for at least a few minutes so that you can breathe and maintain your composure.

Most importantly, do your best to stay calm and to remain flexible.