Top Tips for Helping Your Child with Maths

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Maths is a subject that quite a few children struggle with. Mostly because they see it as a dull subject, find it difficult to concentrate and understand the logic behind it. It doesn’t have to be that way though. A prep school in Surrey has shared several techniques with us on how you can help your child with their maths.


Use Their Interests

To make the subject a little more fun, why not combine it with their interests? If your child is an avid football player, you can use the principles of the game to explain concepts like probability. Putting the fundamentals in practical terms will help them get to grips with topics sooner.


Show How Important It Is

There are many everyday uses for the maths lessons taught at school. For one, they help us to manage money and afford the nice things that we want. Pointing this out can help children to value the subject more and pay attention in their lessons. It can also give them the opportunity to practice what they’ve been taught in class, helping them to improve.


Use Art

It’s not a surprise that maths is uninspiring for some with its dull, square-grid books. For children that are visual learners, colour and diagrams really help. They make notes more memorable and easier to comprehend. When teaching a child with this particular learning style, draw out a few examples that they can copy and refer to. That might be groups of sweets or other objects when teaching division or multiplication.


Show Your Love for It

Children pick up a lot from their parents and their interests can easily influence them too. Showing that you enjoy maths can make your child develop the same mindset subconsciously and start enjoying the subject. Displaying resentment and a lack of desire to try can work in the same way by discouraging children to participate as they see it as “irrelevant” and “too hard”.


Maths Cartoons

Children love cartoons. They’re cool mascots and a lot of them teach educational lessons too. “Number Blocks” on CBeebies is a good example of a cartoon that helps children with their maths. “The Fixies” is another that is available to watch on YouTube. It teaches more difficult lessons and is good for those that are older.