Types, Uses, & Advantages of Stem Cell Therapy

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Types, Uses, & Advantages of

What is stem cell therapy? This is a known regenerative medicine using the natural healing mechanism of the body. This is in regard to treating different conditions. Now, the stem cells used in this form of medicine repair and renew damaged or diseased tissues. These types of cells bring about promising results in the treatment of cardiovascular, neuromuscular, orthopedic, & auto-immune conditions.

The impressive thing about stem cells is that they function as a repair system inside the body. It’s just that as we get older, the amount of stem cells is not transported back to the injured area. That’s the main goal of stem cell therapy. It aims to amplify the repair system of the body.

The Types of Stem Cells

So far, two types of stem cells are introduced namely; adult stem cells and embryonic stem cells. The embryonic stem cells are those outsourced from the embryos. They are indeed pluripotent meaning they can develop into any of the body cell types.

When the embryo continues to develop and creates a baby, the stem cells are then distributed in the body. They stay in the small pockets of almost every tissue like the blood and the bone marrow.

On the other hand, the adult stem cells or the somatic stem cells renew the completely worn out and old tissue cells. They replicate into just an individual cell type. The replication is somehow restricted to a limited amount of cell types.

Uses of the Stem Cells

The embryonic stem cells come with differentiating abilities and unique self-regeneration. These can be utilized as a part of regenerative medicine. These are outsourced and collected during the IVF procedures.

The adult stem cells are obtained right through the bone marrow. This is specifically in the mesenchymal stem cells. They can best replicate into the cells forming the musculoskeletal system like the ligaments, tendons, & articular cartilage. What’s more, they can be outsourced from the pelvic bone’ iliac crest. A needle is often inserted into it and the stem cells are extracted from the bone marrow.

Presently, stem cell therapy is useful in the treatment of degenerative conditions of the knees, hips, shoulder, and spine. This is also useful in the treatment of soft tissues like ligaments, tendons, muscles, and bone injuries.

Advantages of Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cell therapy is indeed a simple procedure. It helps in avoiding further complications often linked with invasive surgical methods. This also utilizes cells sourced out from the body. It then reduces the likelihood of rejecting the immune system.

The Procedure

The stem cell therapy starts with the doctor extracting the stem cells from the bone marrow. The bone marrow is then aspirated from the hip region. The doctor will do the cleaning and the numbing of the hip area. The needle will be inserted into the pelvic bone area, or the iliac crest.

The bone marrow will be aspirated with the use of a syringe. The sample is then sent to the laboratory. The aspirate is then spun inside the laboratory. This is done in a machine for up to ten to fifteen minutes. The concentrated sample of stem cells is likewise separated.

Moreover, the doctor will clean up and numb the affected area. It will then be treated and will be followed by x-rays. The stem cells will be injected into the affected region. The entire region will take up less than an hour. The patient can go back home on the very same day.

Stem cell therapy is indeed a safe procedure that comes only with minimal complications. It’s also right if you turn your attention to a stem cell therapy Bangkok! For sure, you’ll benefit more from this form of therapy!