Ultimate British Countryside Destinations for 2020

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The British countryside is luscious throughout the year and, whether you are planning a new year escape from the city or your family’s summer vacation, there is a delightful range of locations to choose from. First, you must decide what you want from your destination – then you can start to explore the most breathtaking regions online and then in person once you’ve booked your trip. British tourism revolves around its unequivocal blend of nature and history – there are many places that offer both culture and outstanding scenery generously peppered across the whole of the UK. Here are some of the ultimate British destinations for 2020.


Dorset offers a wide range of highlights for the discerning traveler in 2020. There are hundreds of country paths to enjoy, some of which lead gently down to the south coast of Britain. Lulworth cove is famous across the globe for its historic coastline, and limestone Durdle Door, part of the Jurassic coast, is 185 million years old and boasts fantastic scenery and fossil-hunting possibilities.

The Cotswolds

Located in the heart of the country, the Cotswolds are renowned for their rural splendor. Fortunately, the Cotswolds offer visitors a distinct choice of high-end hotels and eateries during their stay, as well as the muddy, adventurous climbing. If you are eager to walk along some of the most stunning parts of the UK, a trip to the Cotswolds is highly recommended.


Just a hop, skip, and a jump from London, Surrey offers a delightful host of hills and historic landmarks. While you take in the breath-taking countryside views, you can also enjoy its proximity to the country’s capital city and other local highlights. There are a wide variety of country pubs to enjoy after long walks in the hills, such as The Flintgate, found online at theflintgate.co.uk, where you can sling up your boots and take a relaxing break. Surrey is an ultimate destination for a quintessentially English countryside break in 2020 – positioned as it is between nature and the big city.


Situated in the northwest of Wales, Gwynedd has it all. Whether you are ambitious enough to climb some of the mountainous terrains in North Wales, or if you just fancy a coastal ramble, Gwynedd will give you a taste of Welsh hospitality regardless of the season. If you need a break from the stresses of city life or you just want to learn about this stunning Celtic area, a trip to North Wales won’t be an experience you’ll regret. Just make sure you get out and explore this wonderful Welsh county before it is discovered and becomes inundated with tourism.


If you need to get back to a state of peace and relaxation, Yorkshire is the number one country to escape to. There’s a nearly endless array of locations to pick from, and whether you choose to visit the Peak District or the Moors, there will be no shortage of stunning landscapes, curious walking paths, and unrivalled hospitality in tiny, quaint village stores. Yorkshire has something for everyone; bird-watchers, for instance, or British wildlife and nature fans, should take a trip to Flamborough, which is the home of the elusive, bright-beaked puffin.

From Dorset to Yorkshire, the UK is a patchwork of delightful countryside destinations for you to discover in the coming year.