Use Tips When Purchasing Flooring

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Whether you are renovating your whole home or are just updating a certain room, the floor is usually a subject area that should be considered during the planning process. Purchasing flooring can be extremely difficult, although it can also be incredibly easy as there are a few certain tips you can follow to make your life a hell of a lot easier. So, let me make life easier for you with a load of useful information and handy tips.

If you are currently considering solid wood flooring, then I advise you to stop as there is a new product available that is cheaper and more durable. Engineered oak flooring is everything you would want from a solid wood product and more. Many individuals read the word engineered and presume this is a laminate product, whereas it is totally different. A plank of engineered wood flooring is constructed using either a high-density fibre core or by fusing multiple layers of plywood together and then topping this with a thin layer of real wood. Now I know what you’re thinking, how can this possibly be more stable than solid wood, however the multiple layers allow the board to naturally absorb fluctuations in temperature. As engineered wood is topped with real wood such as oak, once the boards have been installed you are unable to differentiate the difference between solid and engineered flooring. As there is less real wood used to manufacture engineered wood flooring it is available at a much cheaper price. To gain the same finished appearance you really could be saving up to £10 per square meter.

If you are wanting to save yourself even more money and you are happy to sacrifice the stability and texture, then laminate or vinyl are great options. Textured laminate flooring is now available to replicate the feel of real wood, however if I am going to be honest, you really can’t beat the feeling of real wood. Laminate is great for areas such as your kitchen and bathroom where there is the risk of spillages and moisture, the last thing you want to do is spend money on wood flooring for it to be destroyed in a couple of months.

When purchasing either wood flooring, laminate flooring or vinyl flooring then it is advised to purchase an extra 10% of your required square meterage, which is referred to as wastage. This not only allows you to be selective when fitting certain boards, it may also allow you to save some spare boards in the emergency that one of the planks installed needs replacing in future months.

This also links to my next point which is to bulk buy. If you are struggling to make one payment you may consider purchasing flooring over multiple purchases, however there is a large risk involved that you will receive flooring from multiple batches. Wood is a natural product and some batches may differ in variation, so it may be difficult to match up two different batches without noticing the difference.

I would advise purchasing flooring from an online company as it is a lot cheaper. Many online companies will have a free sample service which allows you to visualise a product in your home before purchase.