Ways to market your parenting blog

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Parents, whether they are expecting their first child or are already on number three, are always on the lookout for advice. They will look far and wide for the specific advice they need and the sort of parenting style they want to go for. This means that there is room for all sorts of parenting blogs – all parents are different and they can all offer useful advice. However, in order to be able to spread your parenting advice and experiences, you need to be able to market your blog effectively. Here are some ways to do it.

Social media is a must

When just starting out, you will be lacking an audience for your website because nobody knows that it exists, yet. However, on your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts, you probably have a fair few friends/followers. This is why social media is essential when you are just starting out or when you need to build your follower base. Depending on how heavily you want to go with branding, you could set up new social media accounts with the name of your blog or could just do posts on your existing social media profiles. Your social media presence should be dedicated to drawing people to your website and interacting with followers, which we will discuss next.

Engage with your followers

In order to build up loyalty to your blog, you should be engaging with your followers. If your blog is about advice for other parents, then you should be talking to them and asking them what they need help with. You could feel things out on social media by asking what sort of content people would like to see or what specific problems parents are having. You could host competitions in which followers have a chance to win some sort of childcare product or service. Your followers are sources of content, so make sure to pay attention to them and reply to their comments.

Create videos

Videos are a very lucrative area of internet marketing in 2018 and are only going to get bigger – views of branded videos went up by 99% on YouTube and by 258% on Facebook between 2016 and 2017. It is essential that you take advantage of this popularity of videos by making some really shareable content for your blog and social media profiles. Parenting is a great subject area for videos. You could do videos of you and your kids enjoying a day out. You could do a video showing how to make a cheap and healthy meal for your family. If you really want to do something to catch people’s attention, then you could make your own animated videos.

Collaborate with other bloggers

There are plenty of other bloggers out there who are likely to have bigger audiences than you do. Invite them to write something for your blog or even appear in your videos so that you can generate more interest in those who are following you on social media.