What are some of the main types of decorative glass available on the market today?

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Decorative glass has been used in homes throughout the 20th century in different parts of the world. It comes in a variety of styles and has a host of different benefits.

One key reason many people opt for decorative glass over its transparent counterpart is the extra privacy most decorative glass gives you. But which type of decorative glass will give you the biggest bang for your privacy buck?

Everglade glass (5 privacy rating)

Everglade glass is one of the best types of decorative glass you can get in terms of privacy. With the most common rating being 5, it provides high obstruction which is great for front doors and bathrooms where you are looking to create an increased sense of privacy. 

Digital glass (4 privacy rating)

Digital glass is more of a vintage design popular throughout the 80s. Digital glass is usually given a 4 rating for privacy. As with all ratings, these are only guidelines and you should check with your supplier for the exact rating. 

Warwick glass (1 privacy rating)

Warwick glass is great if you are looking to add a unique feature to your home. Due to the manufacturing process, every pain is unique. Because of this, it is somewhat difficult to attach a privacy rating to it which is why most manufacturers will give it a 1 rating.  The transparency can have slight variations, however. 

Oak glass (4 privacy rating)

Oak glass incorporates styled oak leaves into its design. Most manufacturers give this a level 4 rating. It will provide you with a good amount of privacy however you should go with the digital and everglade decorative glass if you want the higher ratings.

Contora glass (4 privacy rating)

Contora decorative glass has a fine pattern that is usually manufactured with a level 4 privacy rating. This provides medium to high obstruction.

The high privacy rating means it is used widely through external doors and windows of homes where the owners are looking to create a private space.

How do I know what privacy rating will match my needs?

Whilst ratings are good as they provide a rough scale on how obstructive the different types of decorative glass, it may be difficult to work out which one will be best suited to your home.

If you find an expert supplier with a wide range of decorative glass options they will be able to help you find the right option for your home.