What Are the Best Family-Friendly Dogs to Have Around Children?

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Getting a pet can be a wonderful and enthralling addition to anyone’s life. Pets are there to support you when you feel low, can decrease feelings of loneliness, and improve your opportunities for exercise and socialisation. There is perhaps no better option for a pet than man’s best friend. Owning a dog has just about every possible benefit you could want from a pet. As long as you sign them up to a local vets practice like Indy Veterinary Care or one in their vicinity, they will be looked after in the best way possible.

Dogs are excellent choice for families that are looking for a new furry addition to their home. A dog can have a massive influence on a child’s growth, providing them with a fun playmate and helping to teach cooperation, compassion and responsibility skills. However, buying or adopting a dog is a serious decision that requires considerable thought. You must consider the time and attention that you will be able to give the pet, including training, care (which may include getting some CBD dog supplements and other medications) and whether life commitments such as work will get in the way. For families, there’s nothing more important that choosing a dog that will love your children and not harm them.

Faye’s Doggy Boutique is a luxury doggy day care centre in Liverpool. As experts in the safe care of several types of dogs, in this article they will talk about some of the friendliest dog breeds that are ideal for families.

The Key Dog Issues for Families to Be Aware Of

If you are looking to bring a dog into your home, there are a range of key issues that you should be fully aware of. Dogs are not just playthings that can be handled without a care in the world. They are living mammals and require love, attention and tailored care like all of us. Despite being domesticated animals, dogs can be dangerous. It’s essential that every parent knows that any dog, no matter their breed or size, can cause physical harm. Dogs can snap at any point and bite a person should they feel stressed or under attack. Even pets that have lived with a family for multiple years may experience one moment of uncharacteristic madness.

As a parent, protecting your children and yourself should start with you. There are multiple ways to look at this. First of all, before choosing a dog, it’s important to select one that is right for you. A dog’s breed, which we will discuss more in the next section, can affect your decision. You should also consider a dog’s upbringing, age and personality. For example, rescue dogs that have had bad experience with humans are usually best left for quiet homes with no children or other animals. Young dogs such as puppies are often easy to train with children. When you get a dog, it’s then up to you to make sure that they behave sensibly. This can include training them and providing them with appropriate care and attention to prevent destructive behaviours.

Finally, you don’t just have control over the dog, but also your children. It’s incredibly important that you teach your kids to play and interact with the pet in a friendly and respectful manner. This is a multiple-sided relationship and the blame should not always lie with the dog. If a child interacts with the dog in a way that is harmful or intrusive, it’s no surprise that the animal’s defensive instincts would kick in.

Is It Proven That Certain Breeds Are More Dangerous?

So the big question is, are certain dog breeds really more dangerous than other breeds? Firstly, there cannot be a guarantee that a dog won’t act out. Any dog is capable of attacking a person if they feel threatened, and this is possible no matter how long they’ve known the person. There is no proof that any dog breed is dangerous from the moment that they are born.

While some dogs may be muscular and big in size, even this won’t necessarily affect their likelihood of acting someone. Some of the best dogs are large and cuddly ones, while small ones can be angry and vicious. At the end of the day, all dogs have sharp teeth and can cause damage if their mind tells them to. Dangerous traits usually kick in through a lack of training, a bad upbringing or irresponsible owners. With that said, dogs do have different personalities and temperaments which both contribute to how they act. Every dog is different, but some breeds exhibit unique characteristics.

Choosing the right breed for your family is also not just about what is dangerous and what is not. A friendly addition to the family is based on what characteristics you are looking for in the pet, and the characteristics of the people that live on your home. Some dogs are playful and energic, while others are timid and prefer to be alone. Likewise, some dogs can be aggressive and defensive. Kids can be rough, loud and direct, so it’s vital to find a dog that will accept certain behaviours.

The Friendliest Dogs to Have Around Children

We’re not going to discriminate against any one breed. As we’ve already made clear, every dog is different and you shouldn’t judge them purely based on their breed. However, there are some breeds that are more commonly associated with being perfect for family homes. Here’s a selection of just some of the breeds that are known for being extremely friendly when around children.

Golden Retriever

We just have to start with the much-loved golden retriever! Goldens are known for their affectionate, gentle and caring personalities. They are bundles of joy and can run around for hours without tiring out. With oodles of patience, they are perfect for young children. Just make sure they’re kept entertained with toys like this dog camera treat to ensure they don’t get bored whilst the kids are at school.


Nicknamed ‘nature’s babysitter’, the Newfoundland is a majestic breed that resembles a wild bear – but they are anything but! These dogs are highly intelligent and despite their size, are usually gentle and patient. The only thing you have to worry about is lots of drool and shredding.


Bulldogs are often symbolised as British culture and many assume their owners to be in their 50s or older, but they make for a great family dog. This breed is usually devoted and laidback, and they are usually quite affectionate towards children. They also love an afternoon nap!

Cocker Spaniel

Don’t cocker spaniels just look so adorable? They even have a personality to match. These small-sized dogs are loving and gentle. You can usually find them running around with their flappy ears trailing behind, or putting themselves into the centre of attention.

Labrador Retriever

Like golden retrievers, Labradors are super friendly and love all the attention. Labradors are quite easy to train and are one of the most popular breeds for families. They are very energetic and love to run around in the outdoors – especially if tennis balls or frisbees are being thrown!