What can a tutor teach me?

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Yearning to learn something new? With thousands of online courses and skills and subjects to choose from, we’re to help you find out what a tutor could teach you!

If you thought tuition was just for struggling students, you are sorely mistaken! Whilst tuition sites are more targeted towards students wishing to retake their GCSEs or looking to get into a particular university, learning something new is not reserved for the younger generation. 

With online tuition sites like Tutor House, there are a whole host of skills and subjects on offer for students of all ages and abilities.

Learn Design

Love designing things in your spare time? Learn how to use industry-standard tools like Adobe Creative Suite with an experienced Photoshop or Illustrator tutor. Whether you want to take your personal photography to the next level — or you are considering a career change — learning how to use the latest design software can be incredibly fulfilling. 

With regular lessons from a private tutor, you get premium access to the personalised teaching you need. So you’ll get to master complex tools and gain confidence in your design skills. 

Learn Photography

Although most people have digital cameras, very few people know they really work. Give your camera a new lease of life and develop your creativity with the help of a qualified photography tutor. 

Hiring a photography tutor means you’ll learn how ISO, aperture, and shutter speed affect your photographs. You’ll be able to discover the secret to creating compelling compositions, with top quality results. 

Learn Languages

Ever been on holiday and wished you could understand the locals? Learning a language with a tutor could be the best way forward! Whilst there are a few decent language learning apps and a plethora of online resources, there is nothing quite like having a private language tutor. They can help you master the basics and eventually the complexities of a new language. 

If you are already familiar with a language, a tutor can certainly help you take your proficiency to the next level. Many language tutors available online are native speakers who will be able to help you develop an enriched understanding throughout your studies. Learning a language doesn’t have to be stressful. Regular hourly lessons with a language tutor are all you need to kick-start your progress. 

Learn Musical Instruments

Whether you are familiar with an instrument and need some help forward, or are a complete beginner who wants to start something new, learning how to play an instrument with a tutor is the best way to go. Choose anything from piano, guitar, violin — or even singing lessons! — and start getting to grips with the fundamentals. 

Learning a musical instrument is incredibly beneficial. Music lessons can help you unwind from the stresses of everyday life and get you to exercise the creative side of your brain. 

Ace Interviews

Hate nothing more than an interview? Learning how to prepare for a job, client or school interview can help you walk away with the desired result. Whether you are looking for someone to help you personally, or need to ensure your child ace’s theirs, interview preparation tutors will help save the day. 

With one-off or regular coaching from an interview prep tutor, you can gain the skills you need to navigate the interview process. You’ll gain the confidence you need to present yourself in the best way possible. 

If you like the sound of any of the skills or lessons mentioned, be sure to check out Tutor House for additional information. Get started now to learn  how you can boost your CV, skill set and more!

Written by Elise Pearce

As Head of Content for London based startup Tutor House, Elise has written on a large number of topics ranging from homeschooling, the UK public school system; giving readers insight into the inner workings of the all things education whilst highlighting the benefits of personalised private tuition. Tutor House offers its customers a bespoke private tuition service and has helped thousands of students improve their grades, achieve their goals and reach their full potential.