What Could Be The Cause Of Your Trouble With Testosterone Deficiency

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It is quite unfortunate that we keep getting reports that more and more people are becoming victims of testosterone deficiency. This is not the best news that you can get. In fact, majority of those who have been declared deficient in testosterone levels end up suffering serious depression. Certainly, this is not a piece of cake to many. It is about time that you understood what the problem is and where it is coming from.

Testosterone deficiency is defined as a condition that is characterized by low volume of testosterone. Being one of the most important sexual hormone, lack of it will definitely amount to strong defects. The eventualities may be suicidal not only to the victim but also to the spouse.

Before seeking solution, you might want to first know why the problem showed up in the first place. Some of the causes are not serious hence simple adjustments can bring everything back to normal. So, which are some of the possible causes of testosterone deficiency in your body?


Did you know that people who subject themselves to stress often are more likely to suffer testosterone deficiency? Yes! It has been scientifically proven that stress suppresses the hormonal pathways. This means that secretion of hormones that are responsible for reproduction is also affected in the process. Testosterone is one of the hormones that are directly affected through stress.

If you are the kind of person who lives in stress at home and away, then you have the chances of registering remarkable reduction in testosterone. It is of importance, therefore, to ensure that you are in the right mood most of the time. This will work well for you and your family.


This may not sound so fair to some people. After all, a drink or two is considered a noble idea after a long day of work. Now, if you must know, scientific studies have faulted alcohol as one of the causes of reduced testosterone levels in the body. If you are used to taking alcohol frequently, then you stand chances of being testosterone deficient.

In as much as you want to take alcohol, it is important that you learn how to strike a good balance. Excessive consumption of alcohol will only impair your reproductive system. It is recommended that alcohol should be taken once in a while. You can stop taking it altogether.

Improper Diet

If only you knew the power that lays under diets in boosting testosterone levels, then you would never take chances. Unfortunately, a large number of men today do not take the right diets. Some just eat for the sake of feeling full. Others just eat less not to grow fat. Well, it is time that you knew something in connection to diet and testosterone.

Did you know that over 80% of testosterone deficiency cases are self-imposed? Did you also know that diets have over 80% capacity of restoring the level of testosterone in your body? In this regard, there is nothing that beats the power of diets in boosting and maintaining good levels of testosterone. You must adopt the tendency of taking the right meals on daily basis. Anything you take should have an impact on the level of testosterone. That way, you will never have trouble in your relationship for underperformance in bed.


Now you know some of the red flags that can make you easily lose your family. This is not what you would want. Right? It is only proper to address the issues now, instead of regretting later.